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This article looks at the pros and cons that freedom of speech present. Freedom of Speech is something that has been an important part of the history, and still is something very important in society to this day. Being able to speak freely has its advantage and here are some of them. First freedom of speech enable you to express yourself and your personal thoughts, it allows you to say what you want, when you want, without any worries about having to pay fines or being jailed. Another good aspect freedom of speech bring to the table is protection against special interest.

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This is an article about the debate on abortion between pro-choice, and pro-life. This debate has gone on for a long time after the US Supreme Court passed a law on it is a fundamental right to humans in 1973. For people who believe they are pro-choice, they state that abortion is a right and that it should not be limited or banned by any authority figure, including governments as well as religions. It’s believed that if abortion wasn’t a fundamental right, women would seek unsafe abortion treatment which could put them in an immense amount of danger.

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This article outlines what exactly net neutrality is, and its pros and cons surrounding this issue. Net neutrality is a big deal and is something that could change the way we use the internet for ever. “Net neutrality can be broadly defined as the concept of an open internet, where no websites or services are prioritised over any other, and nothing legal is blocked”. Net neutrality has its pros and cons and here are some of the most important arguments for both sides of this current issue. First major argument in favor of net neutrality is freedom of expression.

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This article outlines the pit bull ban that was recently implemented in Brossard. Current pit bull owners are allowed to keep their dogs if they are ready to abide to all the rules that will be put into place by the city. Some of these rules include, having $250,000 in liability insurance coverage on your dog which can be quite pricey and hard to get, as well as making the dog complete an obedience training course. The owners will also have to equip their dogs with a microchip and make them wear a muzzle whenever they are in a public setting.

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“Montreal adds Iroquois symbol to flag, Strips British general of the street name,” says Benjamin Shingler in his article posted on CBC News. One step forward for appreciating the impact of indigenous people that helped build this city. Furthermore, they will rename an existing street to an indigenous figure instead of a British general named Jeffery Amherst. The Mayor of Montreal added a white pine tree at the center of the flag which represents the Iroquois. This revelation happened on the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples.

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This article outlines the health risks and dangers associated with the use of marijuana. The experts say that chronic smokers under the ages of 25 are the demographic that are most at risk of being impacted negatively by the health hazards posed by marijuana.  Experts stress the importance of keeping the public informed about the dangers of smoking marijuana as the potential legalization is in the immediate future.  Some of the main issues with legalizing marijuana are said to be that pot efficiency with regards to treating chronic pain are lacking.

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The supreme court of Canada, after much discussion, ruled in 2006 to allow kirpans in Quebec schools. The vote was a unanimous 8-0 in favor of allowing this ceremonial dagger to be worn in schools by members of the Sikh religion. It was established, by the court, that the kirpan was never intended to be used as a weapon by the boy (Gurbaj Singh) and that it was an integral part of his religion and faith. This issue arose half a decade ago (2001) when the boy was playing in the school yard and his kirpan fell from his clothes.

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