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  Euthanasia is a polarizing subject that causes many people to debate whether or not it is an ethical procedure to preform. However, in this text we will be exploring if the euthanasia debate itself is represented in an ethical way in the media. The main article that will be used as a reference is from the New York Times and it discusses how the euthanasia has been legalized within Canada after a twenty-two year ban.  

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In the article “Abortion access varies widely across Canada” by Leslie Young, posted on Global News on November 26th, 2014, it discusses how the amount of abortion services across Canada range per province. Young starts by explaining that Brian Gallant, the premier of the province of New Brunswick, announced to the public that he wishes to give the women of his province seeking abortion greater access. According to Dr.

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Abortion is an issue that causes controversy and frustration among many people. There are many different groups of people that have their own opinions. More religious people tend to be against abortion whereas non-religious people tend to be pro-abortion. Although this topic is discussed often, the general population has a hard time agreeing its morality. As a pure and applied student, I have the chance to apply into the medical field so I think it is important to discuss the ethical implications of such a procedure.

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