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Final project: Volunteering During the last months I have been writing articles about my biggest concern which is technology and health. My articles where focusing on how technology affect our everyday life and the issues related to it. According to that, I found an organization that would really appreciate my help. It is called PANDA (for Regroupement des associations de parents PANDA du Québec). This organism provide solutions and help to the parents and children who have a attention disorder with or without hyperactivity disorder as well.

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For the New Activist final project, I have chosen to do volunteer work in an organisation called PANDA. PANDA stands for Regroupement des associations de parents PANDA du Québec. My volunteer work consist of many things all involved in the technology domain, which is the main theme of almost all my articles and post during the semester. On the 23 april, I took pictures of an event called "Est-ce qu'on peut avoir votre attention svp?" which was a dinner where the association was presenting their new spokesperson, the artist and humorist Philippe Laprise.

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Jimmy Wales, Modern World Hero who changed the world trough technology "I'm a big advocate of freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought (Jimmy Wales)." Jimmy Wales, co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia and president of Wikia, Inc is man who was looking to improve society level of knowledge and for free. Wales has found Wikipedia in the 2001 when the internet was getting involved and everybody everyday life's and made it free and easy to access to everyone.

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The person I chose to talk about has done a lot of change crime and law related during his days. He is particularly known for his acts against privacy. Louis D. Brandeis was born in 1856 in Louisville, Kentucky. He became well known as a lawyer, reformer  and associate justice. Soon after graduation he had attended Harvard Law School and opened a practice with one of his classmates. He always acted according to what the client needed. However, once he had become a sought out lawyer, his interest changed from practice of law to reform.

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More studies to heal people? According to an article poster on April 7th, 2013, in the Montreal Gazette, written by Marian Scott, nurses will soon need a university degree to be able to work. The article explain that “Quebec lags more than a decade behind other provinces in requiring a degree for nurses, the OIIQ says (MARIAN SCOTT)”.

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                                                       Health is an issue that has been grabbing my attention for a while now; Health problems have always been a problem in society but as the years go by humans are letting obesity become a general health issue.  Obesity is being accepted as a problem that is similar to a disease.  I have found two articles that I were particularly interesting to me, the first article I will be writing

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