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In today's society, technology involves in every domain of people's life. People watch television, use cellphone, computers...etc. Doctors use machines to treat their patients. Police use gadgets and tracking devices to capture and arrest thieves. Even parent are using technology to spy on their children as in the example mentions in the article. This article really caught my attention, because it happens to me and friends around me.

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As more people have access to the Internet every day, advertisement became the perfect way to fund websites and, at the same time, keep the Internet content free. However, as some ads are getting more and more intrusive and inappropriate, some people want to find ways to get rid of them all. AdBlock and Adblock Plus are two web software that allow a user to see no ads whatsoever on any website. Indeed, that includes the video advertisements on Youtube (maybe after knowing that you will directly go download it!).

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Plagiarism is a heavy issue in education nowadays. With the expansion of technology and the Internet, stealing ideas or getting content from someone else have become quite easy. Some programs, such as, are taking advantage of technology too, with their goal being to fight plagiarism. Basically, pretty much everyone would agree that using someone else's work to get credit is wrong. That being said, is it wrong to plagiarize your own work? I think most students, including myself, once had the opportunity to use the same essay/work for two different courses.

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