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a. Topic & Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue  

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Topic and Justification 

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a. The topic of this paper will be the proliferation of nuclear weapons. This paper will be historical and analytical as it will analyse the history of nuclear technology, its military and civilian use, and the ongoing issues with nuclear-armed states. This paper will also explore potential solutions to the problem and avenues for mass global disarmament.

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Our world is not perfect and it has never been and it continues to be complex and sometimes impossible to deal with. There are still great conflicts that oppose two extremes and these often translate into bloody wars that many cannot witness without wanting to intervene in some way. Recently, the Syrian civil war and, to some extent, the Second Libyan civil war have both expanded and worsened and we must ask ourselves some fundamental questions in order to find proper solutions to these bloody series of events. Do Western nations have an obligation to act as the world’s police?

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As a final project, I decided to volunteer. Volunteering gives a new sense of community involvement and opening one’s mind. I decided to take the knowledge I have obtained from living on my own at a young age to try and help others. Unfortunately, volunteering in today’s society is quite difficult to achieve; emails are sent, phone calls made, messages left, and yet no response. For the previous reasons, I decided to take the knowledge I have obtained from living on my own at a young age to try and help others.

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When I tell people I am volunteering to help the environment, one of two reactions occur. Either they fully support me and encourage me or they tell me in despair that they don’t believe my actions will do much good in the grand scheme of things. The weird thing is, no one seems to be opposed to the idea of being environmentally conscious. This semester, I have had two main volunteer projects ongoing. The first was the collection of signatures for a petition that aims to preserve biodiversity. The second was to help the plight of the monarch butterfly which is facing extinction.

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Last Friday, on April 24th, Hollywood actress and special envoy for the United Nations on refugee issues Angelina Jolie briefed the Security Council on the 4-year long Syrian refugee crisis. It is said that around 4 million people have had to flee the country and many millions more are internally displaced. She stressed the importance for the Council to ‘‘work as one’’ to solve the many problems facing Syria and its people and called on member states to end the gridlock and find a political solution.

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It was reported on April 8th that the Royal Canadian Air Force had conducted a joint air-strike operation alongside, among others, United States aircraft and had bombed targets outside the Syrian city of Raqqa. This is the first Canadian strike in Syria since the Iraq mission was extended and expanded with approval by Parliament. The Opposition New Democrats and Liberals remain against the mission, but the Conservative government insists that they are contributing to regional stability and international security.

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There have been many news reports coming out of Syria recently, as it has been for years, but one particularly interesting and frightening story talks about how the Islamic State and its allies are moving into a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus called Yarmouk. This camp was designed and built for refugees of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and, since 2012, it has been battered by conflict between moderate rebels and Syrian government forces, who are now cooperating with the Palestinian Liberation Organization within the camp.

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In recent decades the portrayal of war violence in Western media has become more regulated and less anticipated by audiences. The use of certain graphic images or detailed content concerning war is for the most part highly censored due to underlying ethical issues, as well as potential consequences this kind of mass exposure could have on audiences. In contrast, other audiences that are exposed to non-Western media outlets such as Al-Jazeera “quite reasonably [expect] gore and dead bodies to be part of war coverage” (Friedersdorf, 2013).

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The American media is dominated by many different news outlets that shape the perceptions and opinions of a broad section of the population. One of the most popular in this market is CNN, which is a 24-hour news channel that is considered to be one of the most popular in North America. Many people automatically turn to CNN whenever they want to watch to the news because they have known it for years. When it started broadcasting, it was the very first television station to focus only on news broadcasting, which revolutionized the news delivery.

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The individual that I have chosen as a change maker is Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1997 to 2007. Mr. Annan was born in 1938 in Gold Coast- the past name of what is now Ghana- to a well-off family, which enabled him to move out of his country of origin and further study economics and management at various universities and colleges like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He started working with the United Nations in 1962, beginning with the World Health Organization and then moving on to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

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On March 13th the tropical disturbance that would be known as Cyclone Pam hit the tiny South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, almost immediately causing great damage. The massive storm ripped through the 83-island archipelago, leaving much of urban and rural areas flattened. It has been already reported that 24 people are confirmed dead and that at least 3300 have been displaced and are currently in evacuation centers set up by organizations such as the United Nations, UNICEF and Oxfam.

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            In the article, “Shooting Owls to Save Other Owls”, published by National Geographic News on July 19, 2014, and written by Isabelle Groc who illustrates that whether one believes it is right to kill one species for another is no longer an issue as the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has decided to try a new tactic in order to save what is known as “an icon for environmentalists: the northern spotted owl” (Groc).

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 Recently freedom of expression and press has been limited worldwide. Russia has adopted and is planning on adopting limiting factors to freedom of expression and democracy. The article Russia: RIP Freedom of Speech? Publish 31st of July 2014 on the Aljazeera website by Remi Piet reveals that Russia although it is a great critic of the NSA uses similar techniques to gather information about its own citizen.

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Original Titile:Raise the smoking age? Report predicts big health benefits if we do Written by: Joseph Netto Appeared in CNN news Published on friday March 13th 2015  

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This organization seeks to encourage the sustainable development of disadvantaged communities all across the developing world by funding various projects relating to education, health and the environment, and has been doing so since 1980 with the help of the Brothers of Christian Instruction and Collège Jean de la Mennais.

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For the purpose of showing connections between local, national and foreign news, three sources- one Canadian, one American and one British- were used. These are the Montreal Gazette, the International New York Times and The Telegraph, which is based in London. All three articles present the issue of whether or not the West should arm Ukraine to better defend itself against Russian-backed rebels, using different vantage points.

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       Processed and genetically modified foods are being eaten by almost everyone, every day. Almost every food at your local store has been processed or is genetically modified to taste good, to look good and in fact to be sold at a cheaper price. GMOs are done by “extracting DNA from one species and injecting it into another” (Dr.OZ). While processed foods being quite similar are when you add chemicals to raw, natural foods so the process of making the product is faster and therefore able to produce great quantities of the product.

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Despite our recent shortcomings in the global scene, Canada is still seen as a bastion for humanitarian and fair practices. With our Universal Health Care, many social programs and our relatively peaceful political decisions, Canada is seen in a positive light around the world as well as a leader in beneficial policies. However, Canada is surprisingly backwards in organ donation. Organ donations are extremely important and one person can save/improve the life of up to 5 people with each donation, yet Canada has one of the lowest rates of organ donation in the developed world.

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For some time still, none of us will be able to witness some sort of harmony between French and English in the streets of Quebec. The supremacy of the French language will remain and continue to oppress diversity in this province, as well as bar it from attaining greater progress and prosperity.

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A few days ago, the government introduced legislation in the House of Commons that would, among other things, give more power to CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) in its fight against global and domestic terrorism. If passed, the new law would extend the period of preventative detention for terror suspects, criminalize the promotion of terrorism, allow the agency to disrupt terrorist activities and remove content from the internet and ''tweak'' court procedures and the no-fly list.

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There are multiple countries with intelligence agencies which gather vast amounts of data, one of the most know intelligence agency is the NSA (National Security Agency).

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Across the ocean and past the lands where freedom rules lies a dark nation ruled by ruthless and greedy autocrats. There, one cannot speak out without consequence. Many receive the gravest of punishments for the most menial of crimes or for a simple expression of rights and freedoms. Summary executions, torture and lashings are common place. Many of us cannot know of the gravity of these horrors because they are shrouded in secrecy. Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Canadian soldiers on the Iraqi territory were involved in a fight with Islamic State (ISIS) mercenaries. The opposition in Ottawa brought the topic in a parliamentary debate. Paul Forget, a Special Forces officer said Canadian soldiers would only use firepower if they were shot first, and would never provoke a fight.  Soldiers were sent earlier in Iraq to contain the increasing threat of the Islamic State and promote national interests in the region. The opposition didn’t like the fact that the general public and many politicians were not informed about the attacks.

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