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MTL man with deep Greek roots, at the same time I'm a hardcore Canadian with a passion for hockey, love for the Habs and a lust for a Timmie's Double-Double.

I'm the biggest procrastinator ever, however I'm in 110% when the stakes are high. Count on me and I won't let ya down!
P.S. I'm single and ready to mingle so all you lovely Ελλίνες give me a shout.


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The world may seem flawless on hot sunny days spent at the beach, however, whether it’s hard to believe or not, there is an abundance of issues that are occurring in this very moment. One of these serious problems is unemployment. Unemployment is the phenomenon of an individual who is currently out of work. For those who are unemployed, experiencing this crisis may cause them numerous personal problems. Unemployment can also damage a society.

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In our modern society, the population is exposed to multiple threatening and addicting obstacles that can hurt anyone and those around them. The most vulnerable members of the population are the young, therefore the adolescents are the most susceptible to addiction and the abuse of substances whether its illicit or prescription drugs. The causes of drug abuse are numerous and the consequences are even more substantial. The youth of today’s societies are faced with the large threat of drugs surrounding them.   Historical Context

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Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian businessman as well as a reality TV star. He is running to be at the lead of the federal Conservative party, along with 13 other people. News summary from an article by BBC News wrote on January 18th article does not have an author: it means that BBC, a pretty trusted news site, takes responsibility for this article, which makes it reliable.

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Throughout Canadian history, there has been a substantial sense of pride attached to the efforts made to maintain free healthcare for all citizens across the country. In the pursuit to ensure proper medical centers that are fully equipped, one supply is essential and difficult to obtain: human blood. The supply of blood necessary for transfusions, accident victims and those battling cancer can be an extremely large amount.

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From the beginning of the 21st century, the accessibility to information has surpassed all previous proportions due to the use of the worldwide web. Through the Internet, the population can educate themselves on all topics efficiently and quickly. The range of people on the Internet ranges from young children to the elderly. With such a large amount of people on the web it allows for a beneficial platform where people can be educated and influenced by sharing their ideas, opinions or news.

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In the article “Here are 50 of the biggest fake news hits on Facebook from 2016” written by Craig Silverman and posted on Dec 30, 2016. The issue talks about several fake news that have somehow become very popular on Facebook and believable by the public’s eye. The article states several deceitful headlines such as, “Women stabbed husband to death because he wouldn’t eat her ass” or Cinnamon roll can explodes inside man’s butt during shoplifting incident”. The article then explains the phoniness behind the headlines and clearly states the whereabouts of it.

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From January 19th to January 21st 2017, in Berlin, the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture shed light on the on-going water scarcity crisis, and on the importance of acting now. The theme of the yearly Forum was ‘’Agriculture and Water – Key to Feeding the World’’.

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MTL man with deep Greek roots, at the same time I'm a hardcore Canadian with a passion for hockey, love for the Habs and a lust for a Timmie's Double-Double.

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