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Since technology is constantly evolving, our governments must also improve and evolve simultaneously in order to keep their populations safe. As these technologies are becoming wide spread, the need for regulations become even more necessary in order to maintain order and to control the misuse of it. In 2013, a top-secret program named PRISM was leaked from U.S intelligence (Washington Post, 2013) and ignited the controversy between the rights to privacy versus better protection for the population as a whole.

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Past or present there has always been controversy regarding the treatment of prisoners and whether or not they should be rehabilitated. It is often said, criminals in prison come out of jail only to be better criminals, which exposes the flaws within our correctional system. The aim should not only be to punish, but also to help them reintegrate into the real world with the goal to be better. Criminal rehabilitation is positive for our society and worker programs should be implemented into our penal system.

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