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            The article “Charles Barkley: ‘Brainwashed’ blacks hold up success” published on CNN on October 27, 2014, author Breeanna Hare writes about a recent radio interview done by former NBA player Charles Barkley, who is an African-American. In the interview, Barkley talks about another African-American athlete named Russel Wilson who is the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks football team. Barkley talks about the rumors surrounding Wilson that state that some of his teammates dislike him because they feel like he is not “black enough”.

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A woman will always have to sacrifice a little more if she wants to have children. It will always be a vicious circle because of the fact that the woman is the child bearer. That doesn’t mean that her career will be a short one and that she will have to be a stay at home mother. If a woman wants to have a high-end job and a family, the woman would have to have made a very wise decision regarding her life long partner. One of this chosen life long partners first qualities would have to be something resembling team spirit.

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