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The article “ It’s My Job to Raise Children Who Are Not Only Not Racist But Actively Anti-Racist “ published on the first of July 2015 and written by Mandy Hitchcock illustrates an aspect of racism in society from a different point of view due to the fact that she is a White mother of a four year old White son. The author demonstrates various facts in order to emphases the problem of racism in the United States.

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            The article ''I Have the Big Job of Teaching My Black Children About Police'' written by Rachel Garlinghouse on January 5th, 2015 in The Huffington Post describes a very appalling reality faced by many caretakers of dark-skinned children. The author, a mother of three girls, gives us insight on her experience in having to raise dark-skinned children and the struggle she will face when she must explain that police will not always be who they imagine they are.

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There are many issues with today’s media. One of those issues includes the objectification of people, predominately females. It causes long lasting and damaging effects on both sexes, in different ways. These issues have started many years ago and the negative effects have slowly been engraved into our minds and social surroundings, and up until recently, no noticeable attempt for change has undergone. The only way to change this is to bring the problem to our generation’s attention and begin to counter it in the same manner the problem came to be, slowly but progressively.

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A Washington state police officer will not face any charges for the shooting of two unarmed black males resulting in one fatality

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Nuclear energy is a very delicate topic in our society because of its controversial aspect. For every pro you can find, there will always be a con. Personally, I find that positive aspects of nuclear power outweigh the negative aspects. I will prove my thesis by treating the environmental, economic and health issues surrounding the nuclear energy.

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To begin, the topic of this article is to give before hand information about the research essay that I am presently writing and learning about for a couple of weeks now. This research paper as many may predict, surrounds the idea of the negligence and careless acts of a mother during pregnancy that will have long-term effects on the fetus and throughout the child’s entire life.  

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  Even with many years of advertisement of the negative effects of smoking during pregnancy, mother’s ignore the warnings and continue destroying both their health and their baby’s. Here are some articles that speak of the different outcomes of nicotine and carbon monoxide.

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  The topic of smoking during pregnancy may have been overly repeated, however many mothers still seem to not understand the severe consequences it may have on the future of their child. In addition, many statistics still prove that mothers who smoke during pregnancy don’t escape the consequences that they almost seem to be ignorant about.

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After the apple being released with the new fingerprint technologies. People are loving the fact that they don’t have to press 4 numbers and just leave your finger for 2 seconds on the button. But what’s the real reason around this? Is this considered a pro or con towards people who don’t want to get there fingerprints done unless there been to prison. How do we know that the government is slowly planning something to try and know where everyone is? Maybe it’s to help track down criminals due to having their fingerprints.

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Why is it that the majority of children have normal behavior while a minority of the infant population have behavioral problems? As scientists recently discovered, some links to these problems are due to infections they inquire during their fetus's development.

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What most of the population tends to forget is that pollution is not only harmful to the environment! The increase of pollutions in our society have severe negative effects of the health of the population living in that area. However, how severe is “severe”?

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As many people may experience, either during physical activity or work, concussions have a larger effect on the brain than most people believe. Most people who suffer from a concussion seem to take it lightly when in reality it should be taken seriously because the dangerous consequences of them.

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A study has proven that the more an individual sleeps, the better they take in information during their learning and the more they are capable of remembering what they had just previously learned. However for this to function, not only does the individual need to sleep over-night, but they must take naps as well.

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Based on the demand of energy, our world is in need. How much in need? Enough to slowly kill our planet even with warnings that if we continue we won’t be able to live on it anymore. Fortunately, Scientifics are working on this problem as we speak. They finally developed a conclusion which will help us save the planet: Change our energy solutions.  

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Stress has been proven to not only be negative for the state of mind for the individual at that instant, but also in long term effects. Studies show that stress during middle age may trigger psychological brain changes, being the development of 2 certain diseases; Alzheimer and dementia.

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For the past years, Omega 3 has been known for being a positive benefit for the heart when consumed. However, it has only been recently discovered that it can cause higher risk of “aggressive prostate cancer”.

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As most teens, teenagers and young adults know, there is a new trend that has been going around for a couple of month already known as the Cinnamon Challenge. For those who have never heard of this dare just yet, the cinnamon challenge is when individual(s) try to swallow a full teaspoon of cinnamon without water under 60 seconds, which is nearly impossible to do. The only problem is, everyone knows about the challenge, but not the negative health effects that are caused by it.

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Not only can the advertisements on Facebook become annoying, but they have begun to cross the line. The dating ad “Find Love in Canada!” posted a picture of Rehtaeh Parsons, a suicidal teenager that was cyber-bullied after being raped at a party by 4 boys, as one of their attractions.

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The body of a 4 year old boy was found in a cot, and has been kept in his mother’s bed room for approximately 1-2 years. The “mummified” body was still wearing baby clothes because of the malnourishment the child had lived upon. The 4 year old boy, Hamzah Khan, died of starvation because of the negligence of his mother.

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The body of a 4 year old boy was found in a cot, and has been kept in his mother’s bed room for approximately 1-2 years. The “mummified” body was still wearing baby clothes because of the malnourishment the child had lived upon. The 4 year old boy, Hamzah Khan, died of starvation because of the negligence of his mother.

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This article explains how students are choosing to download their textbooks either for free or at a reduced price to the printed version.

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Researchers have studied and found that the wrong way to discipline a teen is by using harsh verbal discipline, all for the reason of the negative draw backs of the teen self-conscious and their behavior.

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Prime minister of Quebec, Pauline Marois not only is ignorant of the meaning of people’s freedom, but she now wants to decide the dress code. The new “Charter of Quebec Values” would like to ban any religious headwear on public employees. Which is aiming to get “a stronger and united province” as she compares to Bill 101, which protects the French language. However, some claim that this is just to move the population’s attention away from the economy and jobs.

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                  Funny as it sounds, even the most known and serious people go on their iPad and phones during big events and meetings.  

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During Congressional Hearing over the military intervention of the Syrian Conflict, US. Senator John McCain was caught playing a poker game, on his IPhone. Mr. McCain was a nominee running to be president against Barack Obama in 2008 and has been elected as Arizona’s Senate as well as in the House of representatives after being a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

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                  It used to be a classical burial when It came upon a death. It started with burring the dead. Then other ideas came with cremation. Since 2007 the average cost of burials and cremations have increased by 69% and 51%.  

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Homeschooling a high school leveled student and sending a high school leveled student to a traditional high school has a bigger difference than expected. It is said that certain skills that a home schooled student learn apart from the actual material makes their future transition to the adult like simpler. That being home schooled may even be more beneficial for the student’s education, compared to the traditional education system.

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Do you really know the importance of exercising? Working out  improves a higher quality life, helps prevent of some diseases and make you lose weight or help you to maintain your shape. It also has a big role to play with the mood and the mind and it has much more benefits. Before thinking to working out, it is extremely important to eat clean. 

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As amazed as the patients themselves, the futuristic technology team, neurologists and computer robotic experts may have just found a new way to paralyzed patient’s independence. Brown University, the Department of Veteran Affairs in Rhode Island, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School all worked together to creating a sensor which allows paralyzed patients operate a robotic arm simply with their thoughts.

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Turns out that what’s been forgotten, has taken people by surprise once again. It has been reported that a young in Kyrgyzstan died on August 22. This young boy, too lately diagnosed, died of the Black Death, also known as… The Bubonic Plague. First off, what is the Bubonic Plague exactly? The Bubonic Plague is an epidemic that started off in the 14th century across Europe killing around 25 million people. This disease carried by rodents and fleas, kills within 4 days of the untreated infection.

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