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It is that time of the year when Apple announces their new iPhone, and once again everyone are tempted to buy one. Yes, I am talking about the upcoming iPhone 5S. Was it worth the hype and is it worth buying one? As a regular Apple customer, I would advise you not to because of the fact that it is basically the same thing as its predecessor, the iPhone 5. The only ¨innovate¨ aspect of the iPhone 5S is arguably the fingerprint scanner, which lets you scan your fingerprint in order to unlock your phone. Is it more convinient than tapping in your password? Maybe.

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Some of us may remember wearing those dreaful and plain blue uniforms back in high school. While they had some advantages, like the fact that students had an easier time in the morning to choose what they will wear, I feel like uniforms are, overall, not that great, for they transgress the student's right of freedom of expression. Teenagers are going through a period in their lives where they need to discover themselves and forge their own identity, and one way of doing so is by being able to pick what they dress with.

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What would be the world without trechnology? While we don't always take the time to appreciate it, technology has greatly helped make everything in our daily lives siplier. With the rise of the technological era, communication became much easier and faster. Now, when we want to tell something to a certain person, we simply have to press one button on the phone and that's it. You are talking to him or her instantly. No need to send a carrier pigeon or to travel at that person's home in order to send a message anymore. However, that is not it.

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Have you ever thought of living on another planet than Earth? Something that was just seen in movies will now become a reality. Magnificent or frightened, it’s for you to decide. For 25$, you can buy yourself a trip to Mars in 2023, but a little condition applies; you will never be able to return home. You may think only crazy people will accept a deal of this kind, but surprisingly, over 165,000 people already applied to colonize the Red Planet.

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  Many, especially parents, consider that playing video games doesn’t bring you anything good. They would be surprised to know that playing video games on a regular basis can bring you some noticeable benefits.

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