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I am a student at College Champlain, Saint-Lambert. I am currently in the psychology program and intend to continue my studies in University. I am interested in a lot of issues in the world, even thought I am studying psychology, I also am really curious about past civilizations and many other subjects.

I registered at 10:31, 1/20/2017, the day of the inauguration of Donald Trump.

To be honest, I fear a lot from him. I've heard him so many things, such as how he doesn't believe in global warming, even thought he denied saying this later. I know today's environment is already really in danger and knowing that the United-States have a president that does not believe in global warming and that the minister of the environment claims human activities are not responsible of the global warming is alarming. I fear for people's health in America. I am open to the idea that he might do a great job and improve the country's economy, but he clearly shows he is not an open person and I believe someone as racist and homophobic as him should not represent the United States.


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For the past months, I have written many posts on different issues, but my last focus was on animal welfare.  As a result, I chose to volunteer in order to be even more involved with animals.

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The 13th of March, Global News published an article "Penticton woman charged with human cruelty" which exposes a woman who had abused her dogs. One of them was found with only skin on his bones. She will be facing the court on April 26th for making her dogs suffer without any reasons, leading the animals in distress. The article seems reliable as Global News provides many contacts and had published about the same issue before.

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Animals have been interesting for many people in the world. There are many jobs related around them, but there are no specific academic disciplines only about animals. However, there are disciplines you can find that can contribute to the knowledge about the wild life.  

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Zoos have been and are still one of the most entertaining places to bring your children to. Most of us probably went to one at least once during their childhood. I’ve been to one and I wish I understood the truth about them. Zoos might be entertaining to us, but it is only a prison for animals. It will never compare to their real and natural habitat that we took them from.  

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Lately, the issue around environment has been extremely important. For example, we've heard a lot about Trump's famous pipeline in Dakota that will pollute the Native Americans'  water, but America is not the only country having environmental issues, it happens here in Canada too. An article published the 25th of February in 2017 on L' avantage's website by Jean-Philippe Langlats rises the importance of pressing the issue to our government for 100% reusable energy.

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Since my previous post, I realized I was concerned about the food packaging in our world. I have learned a lot about the chemicals inside the food wrappers and how they were associated with cancer and other important health issues. It leads me to wonder how food packaging was dealt with around the world and what do we think about it in Québec as well. Does food packaging really prevent waste? It might contain chemicals, but I want to research more about the real purpose of food packaging.   

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Multiple individuals have lost family members, friends, relatives due to cancer. It has touched many people and many factors in today's society raise the risk of having cancer. Even our food has become a risk factor according to Ben Tinker. In his new article "Report finds chemicals in one-third of fast food packaging", published on the first of February 2017 on CNN's website, Tinker wants to increase the awareness of the amount of chemicals found in the food we eat. I believe it is extremely important to know this since I know two relatives who have cancer.

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Feminism and Humanism: What’s the difference?   Equal rights, self-determination, and integrity are all forms of rights feminists prove to highlight, but just how is this possible if society is so against regulating all of these controversies? Many people may have never thought about the similarities that go hand-in-hand between two terms that everyone is familiar about; humanism and feminism.    

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Fake news are all over the place. EVeryone is talking about it, even the president of the United-States: Donald Trump. The awareness of fake news has raised, but it is hard to find the truth. " How can we find the truth? How can we learn to differ fake news from the real ones? ". Nowadays, everyone can write a post on Internet and call themselves a journalist. It is now hard to define what a journalist really is. "Is a journalist someone who works for a newspaper company? Or is it just someone that reports something on social medials?".

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The news website The Daily Beast published a fake news article on the mosque shooting in Quebec City, they stated that “Police said two suspects were in custody after the attack. They were identified as white supremacists ‘David M. J. Aurine’ and ‘Mathieu Fornier,’ according to Reuters. This is not the first time the mosque has suffered from a hate crime.

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CNN news published on August 22, 2016 an article on Ryan Lochte: ‘I over-exaggerated’ Olympics robbery story by Azadeh Ansari. In the following article U.S Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte has formally apologized for his immature behaviour and false accusations during the world Olympics that took place in Brazil during 2016. Lochte claimed that after a party hosted by  team France, him and his teammates were held at gun point by Brazilian police officers demanding money.   

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Ever since medias have existed on Internet, it has become easier and easier to upload and obtain nude pictures of people among the world. Anyone can post nudity content and send it to thousands of Internet users. Kate McKenna has investigated the issue. Mckenna is a journalist at CBC news, she has won multiple awards for her work and investigations and is a nominee to be in the top 23 of female leaders in Canada. She is part of multiple groups such as BBC or CAJ, her experience makes her reliable enough to trust her articles.   

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I am a student at College Champlain, Saint-Lambert. I am currently in the psychology program and intend to continue my studies in University.

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