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Censorship has always been kind of a big deal in terms of what we should censor, who should censor, why we should censor a certain piece and I could go on. I can definitely say that I'm against all censorship. I think that whatever an artist creates, as long as it doesn't cause physical harm to someone, go against the law or anything along those lines, should be given full credit for. Sure warnings and age limits should be advised but nothing should be blocked off to certain groups of people.

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Casually scrolling down my Tumblr dashboard, freeing my mind as I get back home from class, I come across this article about a strange cultural practice performed in South America. It is entitled The Brutality of Corrective Rape. I was not planning on doing my blog post on this topic but when I came across it, there was no way for me to ignore this issue. It talks about a solution to convert gay people back to being straight, although the method implied is completely revolting.

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Plagiarism is a heavy issue in education nowadays. With the expansion of technology and the Internet, stealing ideas or getting content from someone else have become quite easy. Some programs, such as, are taking advantage of technology too, with their goal being to fight plagiarism. Basically, pretty much everyone would agree that using someone else's work to get credit is wrong. That being said, is it wrong to plagiarize your own work? I think most students, including myself, once had the opportunity to use the same essay/work for two different courses.

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