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                Donald Trump has all of the Medias’ attention since his election. He makes many controversial claims and it is exactly what journalists want. Recently, he made a claim that was as polemic as his last ones which is that the last president, Barack Obama, would have tapped his phones while the elections were going on. He tweeted: “How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy! ” The problem with this accusation is that Donald Trump brings no evidence to back it up.

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On January 23rd 2017, president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, signed an anti-abortion executive order that has far-reaching consequences for women’s reproductive health access worldwide. “Trump reinstated the Mexico City policy, also known as the global gag rule, which was first put in place by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. It prohibits giving U.S. funding to international nongovernmental organizations that offer or advise on a wide range of family planning and reproductive health options if they include abortion ― even if U.S.

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      Assisted suicide has been a widely discussed ethical issue worldwide due to its extremely controversial nature and the question that only 14 countries, including Canada, have answered since 1940, should people have the right to demand assisted suicide? First of all, we need to explore the terms that needs to be met in order to demand such actions to take place, on June 17th 2016, new federal legislation came into effect by creating various criteria that the patient must meet in order to legally demand assisted suicide.

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