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As a student and young adult, who may or may not use the Internet for less-than-legal reasons, I am concerned by the storm of controversy surrounding the subject of Internet piracy. I try to keep myself up to date on worldwide news about the legal ramifications of things such as peer-to-peer sharing. It was during one of my searches that I stumbled across an article, written earlier this year, about a new system put in place in the United States of America.

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     Despite being but 9 years old, Facebook is now a ubiquitous part of our lives. For many people, it is hard to imagine how they would get news of their friends or their "friends". However, how Facebook can be used is still a confusing matter. What is socially acceptable on Facebook and what isn't is poorly defined, which can get serious when it coincides with legal matters. Recently, a US Court of Appeals clarified things a bit more by stating that "liking" on Facebook is equivalent to putting a sign on one's front lawn, which makes it free speech protected by the First Amendment.

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