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 Climate change will test humanities survival capabilities on many levels. One challenge we must overcome is getting around how the changing climate will affect agriculture. How can we adapt and change our practices to combat this new climate?  Many options are largely extensions or intensifications of existing climate risk management. We have been dealing with the unpredictable Earths effect on agriculture since we first domesticated crops and animals millennia ago. These solutions just need to be intensified and adjusted to adapt.

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Whether you believe that Earth’s climate is changing naturally or due to anthropogenic activity you cannot get around that fact that the climate is changing. With this change humanities way of life needs to follow. Agriculture is at the forefront of this necessity and our survival hinges on its adaptation. Past greenhouse gas emissions have guaranteed an increase in global temperatures of about 1 degree Celsius each decade for many decades, these emissions continue to increase, and there is a lack of progress on developing global emission reduction agreements.

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