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The article “The Good, Racist People” By Ta-Nehisi Coates from the New York Times brings up an event that occurred to Forest Whitaker in a Manhattan delicatessen.  One of the delicatessen’s employees stopped Whitaker and said he had shoplifted from their deli. The employee searches him immediately and comes up with nothing. An interview with the owner of the deli shows that the owner was apologetic but states the employee was “‘a decent man’ who was ‘just doing his job.’” The author of the article then speaks about a growing feeling of distance towards the deli he once thought as good.

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Tough Guise 2 hit me as one the hardest revelations I have ever experienced before. Since the beginning of my memories anything and pretty much everything I can remember has some how linked into what kind of man I should have become. The film brought up how men have been policing themselves to maintain a patriarchal mentality almost until death. Men were/are not just brought up to be this powerful social soldier as kids, but they continue to be brought up into it by their peers, even at a later age.

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Professional Women:  Never forget the goalI recently watched a video in class showing women talking about the difficulties and hardships of being their gender in this world. One part that took my interest was the talk about professional women, and how they are treated and talked about in contrast to professional men. This post is essentially a collection of my thoughts and experiences in dealing with this topic in the working world. 

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