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                           Mali the former French colony once called French Sudan has become one of the many new areas in which U.N troops are currently operating in. since 2012 conflict in Mali became part of the expanding global war on terror, with Mali’s Northern territories coming under the control of radical Islamist groups such as spinoffs of Al-Qaida and Tuareg rebels. These groups took advantage of the governments inability to secure the borders of Mali after a Coup by the military that successfully overthrew Mali’s democratically elected president Amadou Toumani.

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A few weeks ago, Canada declared itself at war against the Islamic State. Harper’s government sent its first bombs on old Syrian military installation that had been taken by the Islamic forces. Despite the fact that the two opposite parties, NDP and Liberals were against this expansion, the government insisted on its importance.

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     The U.N has always been seen as a method to which Canadians can get involved in international issues. In 1995 there were over 5000 Canadian service men and women carrying out U.N missions over seas, now there are less than 200. The reasons for Canada’s neglect on the role of Peacekeeping are in part due to the failures of previous operations which harmed Canadian faith in the ideals of peacekeeping. One such operation was the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, in which the majority Hutus 81% of the population began slaughtering the minority Tutsi (14%).

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      Imagine a life where you cant eat three meals a day, you don’t have a warm bed to snuggle up in a night, and that every day you struggle to find a new place to sleep. This is the life of a homeless person, a life where there are no excesses and hope for a better future is non-existent. According to the Wesley institutes study on homelessness produced back in 2013 over 20,000 Canadians experience homelessness on any given night, and a reported 200,000 a year.

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               Montreal is a city known for its festivals and grand displays of culture from all around the world. A city in which 3.5 million people call home, however there are some things which can often be overlooked. Quebec has the second highest percentage of Homeless people in Canada behind Ontario. Quebec being at 17.5% and Ontario being 46.9% of the estimated 300,000 homeless people in the country. Many of these people live within a line so entrenched in poverty it’s almost impossible for them to get out without external aid.

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             Our country has long had a reputation for being culturally tolerant and fair, for decades people from all over the world have flocked to our nation because of this simple fact. Canada as a result has become a hub of multiculturalism, however how far are we willing to let certain individuals go with freedom of expression? Imam Hamza Chaoui a spoke person for the Ashebeb community centre in Hoshalega and Maissoneuve , and supporter for certain elements of Sharia law has spurred this debate.

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The issue of terrorism has never been more of importance than now, with the recent attacks on the French journal Charlie Hebdo. On January 7th 2015, two Jihadist brothers, Cherif and Said Kouachi killed 12 journalists of Charlie Hebdo, an editorial known for its opinion on Islam and terrorism (BBC News). The days following the attack, a hostage taking situation happened in a supermarket. Amedy Coulibaly and his wife Hayat Boumeddiene were the principal actors of the siege (BBC News).

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In today’s modern society, most consumer products are produced in factories located in foreign countries like China.  But what if I were to tell you that now you could produce the same products in the comfort of your own home. 3D printing is an additive process in which an object is created from a digital file by laying down layers of material until the entire object is created (“3D Printing”). 3D printing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by allowing the average consumer to produce fully customizable products using 3D modeling programs.

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       “How Canada has abandoned its role as a peace keeper” is an article written by Michelle Shepard of the Toronto Star in September  2013. The article illustrates the persisting issue of how Canadian soldiers and personal are getting more and more uninvolved with the U.N and its peace keeping operations around the Globe. This is strange due to the history of Canadians being at the forefront of peace keeping. Ever Since Lester B. Pearson, Canadians have been known to be cunning negotiators and diplomats. A people who are always willing to lend a hand to those in need.

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This week, the Supreme Court of Canada got involved in a debate treating of the assisted death. Since the province of Quebec passed a law allowing under certain condition the assisted suicide, some Canadian right-to-die advocates claim a renew of the law. The court has for objective to decide if giving death to someone who requests it violates the laws. Those laws guarantee the right to life, liberty and security, as well as an equal treatment for all regarding the law. In Canada, helping someone to die is a crime punishable by a sentence of 14 years in prison.

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                We have all seen the price of food go up as of late, but the price of food in Canada’s north is so crippling that it would make you scoff. "Brian Platt" from the Catalyst illustrates the issues surrounding the increasing problem of food insecurity in Canada’s north in his article "Experts sound warning on looming food crisis in the North" Written on April 11th 2014.

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Canadian soldiers on the Iraqi territory were involved in a fight with Islamic State (ISIS) mercenaries. The opposition in Ottawa brought the topic in a parliamentary debate. Paul Forget, a Special Forces officer said Canadian soldiers would only use firepower if they were shot first, and would never provoke a fight.  Soldiers were sent earlier in Iraq to contain the increasing threat of the Islamic State and promote national interests in the region. The opposition didn’t like the fact that the general public and many politicians were not informed about the attacks.

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