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The way our agriculture system is set up currently, there a a number of factors that threaten its existance for the coming years. Land-use limitations, water limitations, and energy limitations, along side with soil erosion, are among the top problems our agriculture system faces today. These problems, if not properly dealt with, could have catastrophic effects on the availability of our food products. The main concern with these problems is that many of the effects will not be felt until it is already too late.

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A major reason the rate of poverty across the world has decreased in the last fifty years is the fact that the per capita agricultural production has drastically increased. Since 1960 there has been a 25% increase in the amount of food produced per person in the world. Obviously some places see a higher increase in agricultural production than others. If a country has more fertile soil and more economic means to mass produce food than they would naturally see a greater increase in agricultural production than a poorer country with less available viable farmland.

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