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      What exactly comes to mind when you hear the words and phrases: “Think outside the box,” “hero,” “let’s explore” and “desert adventure awaits?” Most would answer that question with words such as, daring, creative, courageous, etc. These phrases were displayed boldly on t-shirts within the boys’ section of a clothing store, symbolizing the world’s image of the stereotypical boy. An eight year old girl from the U.K. realized something was wrong when she traveled from that section of clothing to the girls’.

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As Americans, we often regard ourselves as leading the charge against the unethical treatment of individuals with regard to gender. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that we are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to the mindless and senseless practice of male circumcision. To demonstrate the ugly reality of this unnecessary operation, imagine this: the parents of a newborn take their child to the doctor. They tell the doctor they want their son's nose fixed. The doctor is confused by this request, so she asks the parents to explain the problem with his nose.

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 Social isolation has been proven to play a negative role for elders in terms of physical, cognitive and most importantly emotional health. Social supports play an important role in the lives of older adults, as their lives change many loose spouses and friends that have always been there, leaving many with no social activity. There are many community based organizations for older adults that provide a healthy social environment for those who are socially isolated.

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There is a controversial problem in the United States today regarding the differences in pay between men and women for the same nature and amount of work. The work sector of interest in this article is the legal profession, focusing mostly on full-time lawyers. Wage gaps have been reported by multiple research agencies including PayScale, Sky Analytics, and the United States Census Bureau.

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Would you believe me if I told you that mental health and wellness could be improved by some simple urban planning and better resource management? Recent research shows that you may now have a whole new appreciation for parks and paths. What once excited you during your childhood could have positive health affects regardless of age. A study by Dr. Ian Alcock, an epidemiologist (a fancy word for someone who studies patterns causes, and effects of health and disease in defined population) found drastic results. Dr.

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