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Video games, Addiction and Aggression

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As the article says, bats are known for their way to fly in the dark. They have the abilities to avoid obstacles while navigating even if they can't see where they are going. The bats send high frequency sounds which helps them to evaluate the obstacles. One day, Stefan Greif was studying the way bats use to go from place to another. He realized that bats had tendancy to collid with vertical surfaces. He decided to go further and do an experience. The results confirmed that bats have difficulty to recognize vertical surfaces.

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The article Science Makes Its Voice In Washington and Beyond written by Anne Q. Hoy is about the March for Science that took place on April 22nd 2017 in the streets of Washington DC. It wasn’t the only March for Science that happened on that date; actually, similar marches happened all over the globe, but, for this article, the author focused only on the Washington’s one. In the column, Hoy mentions that more than 50 speakers all linked nearby or far from science stood up and spoke about the importance of science in our society in front of a large auditory of science lovers.

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The main result of this article is that “nearly two-thirds of mutations in human cancers are attributable to random errors that occur naturally in healthy, dividing cells during DNA replication.”  Before this result, the scientific community believed a much bigger part of the DNA mutations were cause heredity or environmental source. According to one of the researcher, the implication of the R (random) mutation was underestimated he believes that their result will increase the attention given to it.

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Principal Memories Could Be Erased

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A lot of element can cause a cancer but one of them is particularly grabbing our attention: the “R mutations” or “random mutations”. In fact, two-thirds of mutations in human cancers are engendered by a random error in DNA replication and this happen even when the cells are completely healthy. This means that heredity and environment have a greatly lower impact on cancer mutation than everybody always thought. Up until now, R mutations have been neglect but these mutations need to be taken very seriously.

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An article published the 19th of February 2017 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) titled Researchers Show “Proof of Principle” that Memories Can Be Erased described the results of researches regarding memories, after the researchers explained them at an annual meeting. Sheena Josselyn, a scientist of the physiology division at the University of Toronto in Canada focused her research on how memories are concealed in the brain. The neurons are responsible for such action and are the ones storing them inside the brain.

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