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Our society is constantly dealing with advertising and the perfect body image. This idealistic figure is inaccessible and for some people it can lead to mental diseases as anxiety, depression and dysthymia. It exist different levels in mental illness: the low-grade, the middle-grade and the high grade which is also called the major depression. Depending on the level, mental diseases are not treated the same way. Mental illness can be treated by a physical therapy, a psychological therapy and a chemical therapy.

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Ready, Set, Eat!  

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When one thinks of children living in the wild, one can think of Tarzan or The Jungle Book. In those books, both Tarzan and Mowgli are raised by wild animals. In both stories, Disney explores the subject of children living in the wild, but it does not take into account all the consequences that such of way of life can encounter.

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  Everybody has their own ways to occupy or to amuse themselves. Sadly, some people tend to find joy by intimidating or making laugh of other people in order to increase their own self-confidence. However, this can create severe damages to the victims, such as depression and even suicide. What pushed me to read furthermore about this article is that the title suggests that suicide has becoming a trend for teenagers who suffer from bullying.

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  Not so long ago, people immigrated to Quebec because they saw had on this province the hope of a better tomorrow. However, this dream of freedom that most of immigrants have dreamt of for years is threatened. In fact, Bill 94, a law proposition that is creating animosity in the population, promotes the secularity of public institutions.  

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  When someone passes away, their beloved ones expect them to become a memory and they need to live their mourning. However, never would they expect an online dating website to take the deceased’s online photos and to use them in their ads.  

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Neglection of children has shown to cause severe mental health problems. Children all over the world are suffering from developmental problems, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, and many more. 10 years ago this problem was studied during the Bucharest Early Intervention Project. Researchers noticed orphans often faced developmental problems such as difficulty forming emotional attachments. Research then showed that orphans had reduced activity on their brain. Children were removed from orphanages and placed into foster care.

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    When people think about death, they often get scared. Scared of what? Of the unknown, of what is waiting for them once they will have taken their last breath away. However, when one is willing to die because he or she has had enough suffering from their illness, can we deny them the right to die with dignity?  

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  This week is New York Fashion Week for Spring Collections. Men and women from all over the world are looking forward to this event. For them, this week is not only about the magnificent art of fashion. It is about all knowing what is a hit and what is a ‘’fashion suicide’’. People often think that fashion’s power is only based on our looks. What they don’t consider is the high influence it also has on our budget.  

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The article published by BBC News talks about the difficulties a young man is living with everyday. His diffculty is OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Various types of OCD's exist, but in this article the young man has symetrical OCD. What this means is that he has to do everything with both his left hand and right hand or left foot or right foot. As he explains, it may seem simple to live with and not to overwhelming, but when you think about it you realize how hard it actually is.

991 | 2 | 0 August 28, 1963. Martin Luther King Jr. was sharing his dream of a better tomorrow with the whole American nation. Ever since then, he has been labeled as one of the most influent icons in the fight for equality.

340 | 0 | 0 For many decades now, drugs have been a big societal issue. In fact, some people tend to become addicted to these substances. Society perceives this kind of addiction as self-destructive. However, what happens to the people that surrounds the drug addicted?  How does the consumption of an addict affect the people that surround him?

358 | 0 | 0   Polygamy refers to a marriage including more than two partners. In Canada, this type of practice has been restated by the government as illegal.  

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                                                       Health is an issue that has been grabbing my attention for a while now; Health problems have always been a problem in society but as the years go by humans are letting obesity become a general health issue.  Obesity is being accepted as a problem that is similar to a disease.  I have found two articles that I were particularly interesting to me, the first article I will be writing

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Bullying is a worldwide issue that I feel strongly about. There is no exact cause as to why individuals become bullies because each case is different but there are some common reasons. One might be that an individual might have low self-esteem and bring others down to make themselves feel better. Another may be the satisfaction of having power over others. For what reason an individual might bully someone can vary but the consequences are still the same. The ones being bullied are still walking away with fear, stress and resentment inside them.

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