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Hi! I'm Nathalie. I'm a 17 year old cegep student at Champlain. I can speak English and French fluently and I dabble in some Spanish. I participated in a public speaking and a poetry contest. I did synchronized swimming for 3 years and competitive swimming for 8 years. I danced for 12 years. My interests include writing, reading and history. I am honest, stubborn, curious and creative.


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This paper demonstrates how feminism is not what a majority of people think. It gives the real and unique definition of the feminist movement and its history. Feminism did not appear out of nowhere and has a unique goal; equality. In this research paper, there are real statistics and proof on how woman are perceived less than man. There are sections about the influence that society has on the youth, the arranged marriage, the economic wage difference between a man and a woman for the same job, the rape culture and the need of men in the movement.

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The goal of this assignment and research is to provide a general understanding of police brutality in America. The utmost objective of this is to give an intricate view into how the police, over the course of the years managed to acquire such force and authority, how African-Americans have not had their voices heard and are sometimes less likely to speak out due to possible repercussion by the side of police and finally to observe the solutions to a problem currently affecting millions in the United-States.

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On October 24 2017, Jorge Barrera posted an article on CBC News “Health Canada Knew of Massive Gaps in First Nations Child Health Care, Documents Show: Officials Were Unprepared to Implement Changes Prescribed by Landmark Human Rights Ruling.” The article speaks of “Ottawa [discriminating] against [the] First Nation children by underfunding on-reserve child welfare services and by failing to apply

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On October 17 2017, Gabriel Olawale published an article, “Childhood Cancer: Our Pain as Mothers”, about Nigerian mothers recounting their child's’ story of battling cancer at the book launch of “Childhood Cancer Handbook Series” by The Dorcas Cancer Foundation. In Nigeria, there is a lag in the care for those diagnosed with cancer. According to Dr.

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  On October 5 2017, Cynthia Reason published “SickKids “Palace of Sunshine” offered helio-therapy for polio, tuberculosis” on

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  On October 1 2017, Jim Day published an article in The Guardian, “Charlottetown man selling cherished car to help sick children”, about an 84-year-old Charlottetown resident, Sterling Hickox, who is selling his 1965 Cadillac convertible with the original 429 engine, and giving all of the proceeds to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017 marks the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States, killing 58 people and injuring 515 while Jason Aldean was performing at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. He shot an automatic weapon for 15 minutes straight from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. For the past 20 years, America has had 70 mass shootings.

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Published on Al Jazeera English website by Al Jazeera and news agencies, on September 6th, the article “US reacts to Trump's move to scrap the DACA programme” sums up the reactions to Trump government’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

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As if sexual assault victims weren’t silenced enough, the White House has reportedly removed their sexual assault reports “published in 2014 under the Obama administration” from the White House’s website. However, “the report can still be accessed on the Obama administration's archived website.” In an article published in the Huffington Post on Aug.

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When someone mentions “the talk” everyone’s mind jumps to the birds and the bees talk that every child dreads having. However, “the talk” that I’m speaking about is much more upsetting than the former which just happens to be awkward. Not everyone feels the necessity to have this talk, although for most African American parents this talk, that tackles racism, is necessary.

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When you wake up every morning, what do you do first? I usually check LINE on my smartphone. In the train for school, I often read the text messages on Twitter. After I get home, I cannot help touching my smartphone and I chat with my friends on LINE and Twitter by turns. To be honest, I feel tired from chatting on SNSs these days. Have you ever felt that SNS is such a bother? Japan has a lot of problem caused by SNSs, for example, bullying, leaking private information, and so on. I think SNS is not necessary for us.

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I will be volunteering with sick children, along side my friend Laurence Poitras, at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.  

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Euthanasia has always raised several debates. In the following paragraphs you will read two similar stories from completely opposite parts of the world. These stories come to demonstrate the reason for opposition of euthanasia. Following these real life situations is an exploration of the medical and government views on supporting and challenging euthanasia. As you will read, for political achievement and medical advancement, euthanasia has been a source of controversy in every part of the world.   

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  We all know synchronized swimming is a beautiful sport, when we look at this we’re all amazed by the talent these girls have and their sparkling costume and makeup. As you probably already noticed that, no boys are competing at the Olympics in this sport. According to this article, when synchronized swimming started, everybody thought this could only be a girl sport because it looked simple and beautiful. However, it is not as easy as it seems and some guys would enjoy competing as a male synchronized team at the Olympics.

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Hi! I'm Nathalie. I'm a 17 year old cegep student at Champlain. I can speak English and French fluently and I dabble in some Spanish. I participated in a public speaking and a poetry contest. I did synchronized swimming for 3 years and competitive swimming for 8 years. I danced for 12 years.

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