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The news article I will be discussing was recently published by Global News and is titled “Bay of Fundy tidal turbine now powering 500 Nova Scotia homes”. The purpose of this article is to discuss a major advancement in the area of marine renewable energy in Eastern Canada with the instalment of North America’s first tidal turbine as part of the larger Cape Sharp Tidal project. As we all know, human’s dependence on fossil fuel for their energy and power needs is one of the main contributors to today’s climate problems.

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For decades, Africans fleeing from their war torn countries have resided in many parts  of India.    As I researched further into Africans living in India, I found out about the ongoing issue of racism.  There have been many short films, and news articles showing how badly Africans living in India are treated.  Some Indians have gone as far as harassing, and  assaulting many African students.   Some of these hate crimes even take place during the day when many people are around. No matter where Africans go, they are discriminated against-and it’s sad.

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Deforestation may not be a problem for humans in short term, in fact they destroy forests to benefit themselves. Logging provides the means and supplies to create a number of things that man uses in this world. And taking all these trees down also provides the necessary space and areas to build more and more houses, factories, stores, railroads and highways. These three websites show the dangers and repercussions of deforestation.

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It is too often that people say things like, “Oh, that’s a man’s job” or “That is a woman’s job”. How did these made up “rules” allow people to become discriminated by gender? Why should anyone limit themselves, their talents or their passions because of societal “gender rules” that have been functioning for years. I know personally what it is like to be harassed by people because of my job and my gender. I work for my father in our family business, which is auto and heavy machinery repairs, which in turn makes me a mechanic.

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Conflicts between Canadian indigenous peoples, government and oil companies are increasing. Oil companies are looking to construct new pipelines to bring Alberta tar sands to other parts of the world but to do so they must interfere with indigenous peoples’ traditional territory.

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They say there’s a Canadian inferiority complex, but this probably wasn’t the ego boost we were hoping for: the World Resources Institute says that Canada is the absolute best in the world at degrading untouched forest. The CBC’s Emily Cheung reported in 2014 that between 2001 and that time, we were responsible for a staggering 21% of pristine forest that was either degraded or lost, even more than well-known deforestation hotspots like Russia and Brazil.

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        Deforestation is a continually growing problem across the world. The clearing of trees and declining plant biodiversity comes with several different effects on the world’s environment, namely on climate change.

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The article by Susan Clark provides shocking highlights from this year’s “State of Nature” report. I am surprised to learn that the UK is so far behind on addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The UK has always maintained a lot of power, thus they must have the capacity to work harder towards these. Yet, the UK experiences high rates of decline among a vast number of species populations. Unless the serious action for conserving the nation’s biodiversity is immediate, the fate of nature and those that depend on it are grim.  

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CBC News posted an article titled “Beef’s environmental costs called exceptionally high” which connects the idea that our lifestyle choices are essential in determining our impact on the environment. In summary, this article examines the process of beef production and how this dietary choice impacts earth’s processes and our natural resources.

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