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Naomie Tat currently studies Digital Arts & New Media (2D & 3D Animation) at Champlain College Saint-Lambert. She is a Montreal-born International Baccalaureate program high school graduate. She is part of a team of graphic designers who create advertisement and posters for the Champlain Student Association. As of today, she works as a part-time English teacher at a small multicultural school, in Brossard, Qc. A passionate of art, film, photography, literature and design, she aspires to be a successful industrial designer, as well as a part-time wedding photographer.

Update - January 20th, 2017
Today is the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump. Many fears are crossing my mind as I can barely fathom the idea that this is really happening. For months, I have seen and heard people talk about the possibility of this becoming a reality, but I have never even let myself understand that it could. I fear for the lives of many and cannot believe that a heartless, compassionless and inhuman person, such as Trump, is actually officially going into power. Only a year and a half ago did the United-States Supreme Court finally rule for same-sex marriage to be legalized. I remember the joy and happiness expressed by the millions of the LGBTQ+ community on social media. I remember thinking about how the United-States have evolved from the days where minorities were constantly attacked, harassed, bullied and, even, killed. Obviously, I was wrong. Since Trump was elected on November 8th, all I have seen is more and more hate not only in America, but all across the world. I see people expressing their genuine fears and sadness. People, who I thought had actually become more open-minded and accepting of others (minorities), showed their true colors. Racists, homophobes, sexists,...all these close-minded careless people are roaming the streets and are attacking others who are different, because they see that the president-elect is also doing so. I will never understand those people. I cannot make sense of all that is happening. I am hopeless and clueless as to what I can do. What is going to happen is not only going to affect the United-States of America, but is rather going to have a worldwide impact. Today is definitely bittersweet as I am feeling extremely lucky, but also terrified as of what's to come in the near future.


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When volunteering at the Women’s Center of Montreal, on April 28th, I attended a discussion with 27 people of various age groups, with 23 of them being female, on how to integrate women immigrants into our community. As I have been writing about sexual violence as well as various women’s issues for the past couple of months, attending such a discussion has really helped me open my eyes and truly realize how important those issues are. Those are not light issues which only affect certain people. They are present right now, right here in our community and all around it.

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Last Thursday, Robin Camp, a Canadian judge who gained popularity last year when he asked a sexual assault victim why she could not just keep her “knees together”, resigned from Federal Court. It was a rare event in the Canadian justice system and was followed by the release of a report from the Judicial Council which demanded him to be fired.

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The news reports and articles published by mass media solely cover the surface of the issue of campus sexual violence. Academic researchers, on the other hand, write about their more detailed and narrowed research which, by the way, it is written, seems to be only accessible to the people who are already familiar with the research topic but is still seeking to further their knowledge and understanding of the issue.   

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In the 1960's and 1970s, the government of South Korea illegally detained “comfort women for the United States military”. Choe Sang-Hun, who worked for The Associated Press for 11 years before he became an official Korea correspondent for The New York Times, addresses this issue in his article "South Korea Illegally Held Prostitutes Who Catered to G.I.s Decades Ago, Court Says", published on January 20, 2017.

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On September 9th, 2016, the Guardian published a story on, “Kaepernick’s anthem protest is the perfect way to highlight America’s race problems” written by Les Carpenter. On August 26th, Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers quarterback denied standing for the American National Anthem. This act raised a national dispute about ‘racial discrimination, police brutality and the significance of the American flag’. Les Carpenter states, Kaepernick’s sudden concern about racial discrimination; Carpenter compares Kaepernick to Muhammed Ali based on his denial to fight in the Vietnamese War.

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On January 29, Liam Stack wrote an article called “Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration: What We Know and What We Don’t” for the New York Times. In it, he talks about the consequences of President Trump’s newest executing order affecting the immigration system such as banning residents from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days from entering the country, suspending all refugee admissions for 120 days and Syrian refugees will not be allowed in the United States for an indefinite period. Around the world, the consequences could be felt.

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Shinkokuzai: How a rapist becomes free of charge   The dubious cost of sexual assault in Japan    By Jake Adelstein   Published on November 5th, 2016 on TheJapanTimes  

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The lack of serious consequences and punishment given to campus rapists is staggering. In the Fall of 2015, Crystal Stroup, who was 18, had too much to drink at a party and her friends asked a male student to look after her. As she woke up the next morning, she had bruises on different parts of her body and recalled having non-consensual sex with a man by the name of Jared Gihring. The young man had been reported to the Kansas State University officials prior to the incident because he had raped another female student, Sara Weckhorst, over a year earlier.

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Naomie Tat currently studies Digital Arts & New Media (2D & 3D Animation) at Champlain College Saint-Lambert. She is a Montreal-born International Baccalaureate program high school graduate.

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