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In the article written by Arti Panel and posted on Huffington Post on August 16th, 2013, “India's Ugly Obsession with Lighter Skin Hits Close to Home, Too,” the issue about fairness, especially in India, is addressed. In the article, the author mentions that she has always been fascinated with fair skin ever since she is young. She grew up with this specific view of beauty so popular in India, as well as in other Asian countries, which is that beauty means fair skin.

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In the article entitled “A Little White Girl's First Experience of Racism”, (Huffington post, October 21st, 2014), Amanda Smear Baudier, white woman, demonstrates with a personal experience how people reacts towards black individuals when they are related in incidents. When she was young, Amanda had a black friend called Jamie and they both liked the episode of “The Simpsons” when Bart was strangled by his father Homer. One day, they decided to play this episode for fun to see who was the most realistic of being strangled or the strangler.

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The article of Thursday, July 23, 2015, “Beauty Pageants Blackface, and Bigotry: Japan’s Problems with Racism,” wrote by Maya Wesby on, addressed the issue of racism in the Japanese society. It shows the situation which mixed people in Japan are facing. This article explains well the issue of racism in this country, which is mostly related to the “purity” of blood. The first matter shown is the controversy related to the representation of the country by Ariana Miyamoto, a Japanese African American woman, in the 2015 Miss Universe.

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