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One of the planet’s largest ecosystems is brewing in controversy: is manmade pollution impacting the oceans?  Recent studies have shown that marine degradation is rapidly accelerating with thousands of tons of waste such as sewage, oil, chemicals, and mostly plastic, entering the oceans every day creating trash vortexes. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest of all and spans from Japan to the West Coast of the United States.

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For decades, Africans fleeing from their war torn countries have resided in many parts  of India.    As I researched further into Africans living in India, I found out about the ongoing issue of racism.  There have been many short films, and news articles showing how badly Africans living in India are treated.  Some Indians have gone as far as harassing, and  assaulting many African students.   Some of these hate crimes even take place during the day when many people are around. No matter where Africans go, they are discriminated against-and it’s sad.

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          This year has seen its fair share of controversy and hate. Gender equality is a topic that keeps coming up and seems to center on women most of the time. More specifically, society tends to see women as generally weaker and more fragile than men. Women are even discriminated in the work place. A woman, who works at the same place and does the same job as a man, will be payed less than the man despite the fact that both of them have the same job. Women are also seen as easy targets for sexual harassment in the work place.

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"Ontario environment officials concerned that clear-cut logging releases mercury” as seen in the Toronto Star

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The purpose of this article is to inform the public of the delays imposed on Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) proposal to bury low- and medium-risk radioactive waste. The article discusses the proposal, which involves the burying of nuclear waste approximately 680m underground in a chamber encased in impenetrable rock on the shores of Lake Huron, at the Bruce nuclear station near Kincardine, Ontario.

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