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The article UN officials say good urban design key to ensuring sustainable, inclusive cities emphasizes, as the title suggests, the major role of urban design while building sustainable, socially integrated and prosperous cities. According to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of United Nations, good designs can help to reduce climate change and make cities safer and cleaner. Furthermore, Mr. Ban said that a New Urban Agenda is being discussed in order to inforce urbanization designs for common good.

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             In the article “As seas rise, saltwater plants offer hope farms will survive”, the author Katy Daigle describes how the flooding of the coastlines in India has affected the agriculture. With climate change happening, more glaciers are melting and the sea levels are rising. This results in the flooding of many coastal farms in the south of Asia. For the 1.26 billion people living in India, relocation is not always an option, especially when food productivity needs to increase by 45% before 2050 if the population wants to be fed.

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Evelyn Perez’s article Overfishing is Changing the Oceans, One Predator at a Time, suggests that humans are changing the marine ecosystems in several ways. By overfishing, humans are altering the number of predators living in the oceans. Moreover, by altering the number of predators, humans are also influencing the number of their preys and the marine ecosystem. According to Mike Heithaus, a marine scientist, the number of predators in marine ecosystems is rapidly decreasing and there are more consequences than people may think.

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Melanie Patten’s article Les municipalités ne sont pas prêtes pour les changements climatiques explains Canadian cities have suffered from record temperatures, precipitations and other extreme and natural manifestations. However, the municipalities are not ready to deal with the effects of a climate that is constantly changing. According to David Philips, a climatologist for Environnement Canada, municipalities across Canada make constructions based on old models that are not up to date.

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The ‘Water Impacts’ article on the David Suzuki Organisation website explains that the climate change will affect fresh water resources and there will be repercussions on important aspects of our lives and those of different ecosystems.

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The article L’humanité vit à crédit suggests that the world’s population consume more resources than available in the planet Earth. In 2014, only eight months were sufficient in order to reach and consume the entirety of the resources available in the Earth without compromising the regeneration of the said resources. The next four months’ consumption is seen as excess which results in ecological deficit that will use the Earth’s supplies and increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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