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One of the biggest debates right now is about the legalization of marijuana. It shouldn't be legalized because of the effects that come with it. It's in the same categorie as alcohol. It's not a safe way to stop the illegal traffic because consumers will turn themselves to different drugs witch are even more unsafe to use. It's important at this point to see how hard it is to completely stop an illegal activity such as drug dealing. People will always find a way to buy this drug even if it's considered legal.

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The issue that the article was discussing, was whether or not children with special needs benefit from hippotherapy treatment.

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A four day workweek may seem glamourous. An entire extra day to yourself sounds amazing, but in reality, it poses a serious threat on your physical and mental health.

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« Is your brain making you fat? Blame your mind not your body for weight gain, says scientist” an article by Sandra Aamodt Summary by Ariane Ferguson

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