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The Edith & James Flinn Foundation is non-profit organization which is comitted to improve the state of mental health in Michigan.  Their goal as a company is to use its resources through research to devlop, evaluate, and implement the best practice treatment that the people of Michigan require.  This foundation supports many different organiztions across the USA but focuses  on the state of Michigan.  2 months ago this foundation and a few others were awarded over 1.8 million dollars by the US government

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The article talks about A Panel of medical experts have determined that an experimental insomnia drug from the company Merck & Co is now safe and effective. Despite claims from trial runs that the pill causes daytime sleepiness and difficulty driving. The panel voted that the drug helped patients get to sleep and to stay awake. Merck and Company has suggested a 10 milligram dose but the FDA has asked for a reduced dose

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Could be facebook causing more harm than good?

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Specialists treating eating disorders may be biased against overweight people, according to a study made by Yale University.

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Veteran suicides outnumber US military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Every year, suicide rates in veterans increase. In 2007, 17 veterans committed suicide every day on average. In 2010, those rates increase to 22 veterans each day, according to Veterans Affairs.

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