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    THIS NEEDS TO STOP (By: MS2013) Gay rights is something that people agree, and disagree on daily. Thousands of debates and arguments over gay rights are held on a daily. Some states have zero problems with gay rights, and believe that what ever makes you happy is the best way to keep people feeling comfortable. However, some states believe that people with same-sex affection, are lower then the normal person. This is wrong on many different levels and needs to come to a stop.  

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    In an article from Sports Illustrated by Tom Verducci he explains the harm that steroids have had on the world of sports. There are many things that he states and shows that can lead you to believe how they have negatively effected society. Mainly in baseball PED's or Performance Enhancing Drugs have changed the way the game is played just for them to become one of the elite players. Verducci also focuses on what goes through the mind of a player using the drugs and what provoked them to begin using them.

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The Alzheimer Society of Montreal wants everyone to realize that “Beyond the disease there is the person”. Their goal is to help out people suffering from Alzheimer and their families by easing the consequences related to this mental illness. Moreover, they constantly promote studies to find out the source of Alzheimer and discover a cure.

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Basically , this article is saying that Teens have zero privacy when they're posting on facebook. I disagree because the privacy settings allows you to change to thatg nobody but you and your friends can see it. The author of this article must not know about how to change the privacy settings. As soon as you sign up for your account it doesn't allow anybody you don't have as a friend to see what you post. You have to do that yourself if you want to make your profile public to the world.

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I believe that the consequences for those who seriously injure other players should be quite severe for the fact that these injuries can carry harsh effects. With more and more kids getting hurt playing sports this issue is getting more severe.

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Blackberry continues   The crash of blackberry continues with more devastating news. It is recently reported that they are selling their real estate in their home town waterloo Ont. Suffering from financial problems due to the other record selling companies such as iPhone and android.  Blackberry also said that they were going to fire 4.5 thousand people due to its crash. As blackberry continues to slowly crash more and more people are buying the latest iPhone and android smart phones. Leading to the fact that they are losing more money every day.  

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On a better side of the news, the fifth grand theft auto came out this Tuesday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This might be the game of the year due to the pre-orders being at 6.1 million on the first day it came out.  The game is sold with tax 67 dollars roughly.  Meaning the first day they sold 408 700 000$ million dollars. The owners of the game Colin Sebastian of Robert W. Baird expect to get 1 billion dollars in the first month of sales.  

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