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Displaying 1 - 5 of 5 What Trump's climate change denial means for Canada

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            As a university student, it has been difficult to think about anything other than president-elect Donald Trump’s unlikely rise to supreme leader. It has been highly publicized that Donald Trump has some less than ideal opinions on race relations, and immigration. However, one of the more alarming opinions that Donald Trump holds is the fact that he denies the link between humans and climate change.  The article by Bruce Cheadle on CTVnews, discusses the possible negative affects a Trump presidency could have on Canadian environmental policies.

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Ryan Smith                                                                 Decline of Wild Bee Podcast

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In the City of Toronto, a new elevated park has been proposed to be built across the railway tracks in the downtown core. With the addition of Rail Deck Park, it would increase the amount of green space in the area, which is lacking compared to other parts of Toronto. According to interviewed citizens living downtown, many agree that a park is much needed in the area. The drawback however is the hefty price tag associated with the development: $1.05 billion dollars (CAD).

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            In Canada, we are fortunate enough to have an abundance of natural resources. One of Canada’s most profitable natural resources is oil, and it is traditionally shipped to refineries via railway. Railway transport of oil products has recently been scrutinized due to concerns over safety, and environmental impacts. To reduce these concerns, and increase profits from Canada’s oil reserves, many pipelines have been proposed to transport the oil.

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