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Steven Pinker said on the National Public Radio in 2016 that the world is becoming more peaceful. On the other hand, The Telegraph News (2017) said that the world is becoming more violent. Some people say that the world is going to be peaceful and others say the world is going to be bad and violently. I think the world is becoming violent now. There are two reasons which can prove why the world is becoming violently. The first reason is the relationship between North Korean and USA. The second reason is the situation of Syrian front.

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Is the world getting more violent or less violent? In my opinion, violent cases are increasing in the world. It is because I often hear the news about child abuse, terrorism, violent crime of children and so on. I am especially interested in the last one, violent crime of children. The reason is that I have never come up with using violence when I was in trouble. I want to know why children tend to become violent. Is there anything that we can do for them? Let me think about it through this opportunity.

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In Japanese schools, there are many problems like bullying, child abuse and quarrel. The Ministry of Education sees computers replacing teachers as a problem. Why did they pick it up as a problem? This is because the cause has some reasons. The reasons are the machine is superior in the ability and it is more intelligent than teachers. In my opinion, computers are difficult to help students, so they should not replace teachers. From now, I will write why computers should not replace teachers.

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I am sure that you, who are reading this essay, really love animals. I love animals too. They are so cute, and they make us happy or relaxed. However, some of them are in danger of extinction because of climate change. According to scientists’ research, two-thirds of wild animals will disappear from the earth by 2020 (Jacky, 2016). Today, I am going to talk about what the effects of global warming on animals are, and how to prevent it.

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As Sylvia Thompson wrote in the Irish Times on July 15 2017, the trend of buying clothes online could lead to a rise in people buying used and vintage clothes online, as well as other eco-conscious alternatives to mainstream fashion.

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When you wake up every morning, what do you do first? I usually check LINE on my smartphone. In the train for school, I often read the text messages on Twitter. After I get home, I cannot help touching my smartphone and I chat with my friends on LINE and Twitter by turns. To be honest, I feel tired from chatting on SNSs these days. Have you ever felt that SNS is such a bother? Japan has a lot of problem caused by SNSs, for example, bullying, leaking private information, and so on. I think SNS is not necessary for us.

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Do you like studying? No, I do not. I think studying is difficult and boring. However, decades ago, Japanese women could not study as well as Japanese men because there was sex discrimination in Japan. Then, why can I, a Japanese woman, study now? There was one woman’s effort in the background. Today, I am going to introduce a woman whose name is Umeko Tsuda and let me tell you about how respectable she was.

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Are you interested in volleyball? Many people have played it when they were students, so volleyball is a famous sport in the world. Do you know Saori Kimura? She is a famous volleyball player in Japan. She is cute and a super player, so she is very popular. The reason why I chose her as a cool Japanese is that she never gives up and smiles whenever she had a hard time. In addition, she is captain of the Japan national volleyball team. Do you want to know about her more? Then, I will introduce her character , success and playstyle.

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Japan has a lot of fascinating places, so recently, the number of foreigners coming to Japan for sightseeing is increasing. I also have places I want to visit in Japan. Especially, now I want to visit Hokkaido because it is famous for its vast land, foods, natures, and so on. I want you to know attractiveness of Hokkaido. Let me introduce “seafoods”, “sightseeing locations”, “animals” in Hokkaido.

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Hokkaido has a lot of attractions. It is the biggest in Japan. In addition, it occupies22% of Japan and was divided into 14 part. The area of Hokkaido is about 80,000. Hokkaido is located in the northernmost of Japan, and the island was surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk. Population of Hokkaido is about 5,600,000. I will introduce about a configuration and industry, sightseeing spot and popular winter sport in Hokkaido with my reasons that I would like to go there.

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While many tourists know all about Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hokkaido, not many people know about the prefectures at the bottom of Japan. No, it is not Okinawa. In fact, the smallest prefecture in Japan is near the bottom of Japan, in an area called Shikoku. This particular prefecture is called Kagawa. I personally have not been to Kagawa, nor passed through it before. However, there are many unique places and things to enjoy there. I will be introducing Kagawa’s signature dish, Sanuki Udon, Ritsurin Koen, Megijima Island, and a shopping arcade in Takamatsu city.  

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