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During the semester, I have been posting several articles concerning diverse issues around the world. The subject that I was always ending up posting about is health. In my superpost, I wrote about breast cancer, which again is related to health, and writing about it make me think about volunteering in a hospital to help and support people that are suffering from cancer by entertaining them. I found different hospitals that had volunteering opportunities but they were all facing one common problem.

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David Suzuki is one of the most popular environmentalists in Canada. His mission is to protect nature’s diversity and to improve people’s quality of living. Some of David Suzuki and his organizations gaols include ensuring Canada is doing what it can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the amount of natural resources being put toward consumerism, and encouraging youth to grow more aware of the co-dependency between us humans and nature. According to the Huffington Post Suzuki is a scientist, author, broadcaster and the co-founder of the David Suzuki foundation.

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The person that I think has made a difference on children suffering from cancer in Canada is Charles Bruneau. He was born in 1975 and was diagnosed with leukemia in 1979 at four years old. Charles Bruneau has tried to fight cancer during his entire life. He was a courageous child that kept saying “When I grow up, I will be cured!”. This quote became a message of hope for all children suffering from cancer in Canada and especially in Quebec. Even though Charles had cancer, he remained a child that was always happy and positive about being cured one day.

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More studies to heal people? According to an article poster on April 7th, 2013, in the Montreal Gazette, written by Marian Scott, nurses will soon need a university degree to be able to work. The article explain that “Quebec lags more than a decade behind other provinces in requiring a degree for nurses, the OIIQ says (MARIAN SCOTT)”.

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The Content that my issue occurs in is Social, and educational Thesis Statement: This essay will show that comprehensive sexual education is needed in schools instead to abstinence only programs because teenagers are not being informed of the consequences that can occur when being sexually active. With abstinence only programs there has been a high rate in unplanned pregnancies and STDs.  Reasons/ Premises

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Since always, our society is concerned about several daily subjects such as health. In the recent years, many cures were discovered for specific diseases, but a lot remain unknown for illnesses such as AIDS and cancer. Cancer is a large group of about 100 different diseases characterized by the growing of abnormal cells in the body. Studies has proved that the advanced stage of breast cancer has somewhat increased among young woman and that a lot of them decide to go to private clinics since the delay for diagnosis and surgery is very long.

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