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India’s social class is structured with a caste system.  It is a pyramidal hierarchy, from top to bottom:  Brahmin, Warriors, Traders/merchants, and Workers.  There exists another social class, the Untouchables.  The Untouchables are not in the pyramidal hierarchy however they are a part from society.

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                                                 Quebec/India nationalist movements  

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Nationalism is made up of many values for the people living in a society.  In history, we can see famous identities who based themselves on nationalism for example, Adolf Hitler the Nazi leader in Germany who was an extremist nationalist.  Nationalism is characterized by people of “communities [who] share a special cultural proximity to each other.  By speaking the same language and sharing customs and traditions, the members of these communities are typically closer to one another in various ways than they are those who don’t share the culture” (Miscevic).  We can see strong nationalism in

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Through taking a look at a variety of societies throughout the world, a clear distinction may be made between the ones where religion plays an important role and the ones where religion has taken a step back. Some societies have religious public schools which is the norm in their beliefs but in our society, Quebec has made a clear separation between religious beliefs and education. From my rather atheist point of view, I do not believe religious beliefs should hold their importance in a student’s educational life.

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Today, we are living in a society where freedom and equality are both important values. In our multucultural society, we need to accept each other and respect their beliefs. I think that religion in our society must be respected, but she should never inluence or rule a government. The state should be in a neutral position, because it represents everybody, which is jude catholic or muslim. A country where the state is neutral and where religions don`t rule the governement is more free and democra  tic, because the population is never influenced or controled by the religion.

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Society in constantly changing, people today live their lives differently than 50 years ago.  An important aspect of people's lives is religion.  So what should the place of religion in society be?  In this big country that Canada is, rich in culture diversity and with it comes different religions.  The best thing we should do as citizens is to respect each individual's religious expression.  Why?  Because, "[i]n Canada, the state ha straditionally partnered with faith communities to promote social welfare, harmony and mutual respect" (Her majesty the Queen in Right of Canada 3).  It is cle

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