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Every month you open that water bill you’ve been dreading and are stunned by the amount you have to pay. What if I told you large corporations and industries are pulling trillions of litres of fresh water from Ontario’s watershed for free. CBC’s John Lancaster and Jennifer Fowler reported in 2015 that most water users including agriculture, municipalities, the sand and gravel industry as well as golf courses are not paying a single dime for water.

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                “Easy, breezy, beautiful… CoverBoy?” This well-known slogan has been chanted by the many faces of the makeup line, CoverGirl throughout the years. Female actresses, models, singers, etc. have been plastered on various media outlets representing the face of the brand. All of the women with high defined cheekbones, perfectly lined lips, voluminous hair, long eyelashes, and a smile. But, the company has recently decided to break this gender stereotype by signing a new model with a beauty contract. This person is not a celebrity, nor a female.

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Ocean Acidification (Intro Music: 30 sec long) Leo:  Hey guys, my name is Leo Chai, host of Nature’s Radio Podcast and       today we will be having a special guest.  Harriet Minc, a biology student from Guelph University,  who is here to answer questions about her research on Ocean      Acidification.           Harriet:            Hi, great to be here today           Leo: Alright, nice to have you here.

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          This year has seen its fair share of controversy and hate. Gender equality is a topic that keeps coming up and seems to center on women most of the time. More specifically, society tends to see women as generally weaker and more fragile than men. Women are even discriminated in the work place. A woman, who works at the same place and does the same job as a man, will be payed less than the man despite the fact that both of them have the same job. Women are also seen as easy targets for sexual harassment in the work place.

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Over and over again it’s the same story. The Canadian government has failed to have meaningful consultations with First Nations communities. This caught up with the Canadian government as the Court of Appeal overturned the already approved Northern Gateway project in British Columbia. CBC published a news article titled “Northern Gateway pipeline approval overturned”, which emphasizes the on-going, fragile relationship between the First Nations and the Canadian government regarding the management of natural resources.

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