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  Over the past century, our marine ecosystems have been rapidly changing. This has altered the population dynamics of various species and had critical ecological consequences. A new study in the journal, Science Advances has found chemical clues in the skin cells of dolphins that suggest changes in  the length of the marine food chain. Because dolphins occupy the upper level of the food chain, they accumulate chemical information about the species that occupy the rest of the food chain.

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One week ago, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla announced that the company was approximately halfway done building and installing a 100 MW/ 129 MWh utility-grade lithium ion battery bank near the 100 MW Hornsdale Wind Farm in Southern Australia. When complete, Tesla’s battery bank will be three times larger than the largest grid-tied system in the world. Musk promised to deliver this massive project to South Australia after years of sporadic power outages. He also promised that he would finish installing the battery bank in 100 days of the project’s approval or it would be free.

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