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In his article from The Guardian, Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of “World Wildlife Fund Australia”, wanted to share his successful projections concerning the problem of overfishing. Seeing, the urgent need in seafood business, the country decided to take actions into their own hands. Indeed, studies showed that a huge range of marine species were declining in numbers. Ocean ecosystems were in danger because of the overfishing and the dangerous fishing practices. As the demand in seafood increase, the offer is lowering rapidly.

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According to the article “Climate change could raise food insecurity risk”, the extreme weather changes may have a big impact on the food storages in many countries. Specially the underdeveloped countries. The scientist had argued that with a change of 2°C higher, some places will not be able to provide the same amount and species. The study looked at 122 developing and least-developed countries, mostly in Asia, Africa and South America.

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In his article, author George C. Wang rises the topic of veganism and its relation to the environment. For the last few years, veganism and different “untraditional” diets have been on the rise for different reasons and one of them is the impact of meat consumption on the climate change. The production of meat is way higher than the production of legumes which leads to greenhouse emissions and the degradation of our environment. According to a study published in Nature,80% of increase in greenhouse gasses can be avoid by 2050 if we change our diet.

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In the article published in Science Daily entitled “Extreme melt season lead to decade-long ecosystem change in Antarctic polar desert”, a group of researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulders found that during the very hot summer of 2002, the McMurdo Dry Valley in Antarctica endured rough changes in its ecosystem that would have an impact for the years to follow. The team believes that this event proved that even small appearing weather events can have impacts on a region for a very long time.

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In his article presented in The Guardian, author Oliver Milman exposes the problem of the food chains of the ocean being at high risk. With studies, researchers establish that the climate change affects the marine diversity. Because the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide and the burning of fossil fuels has increase, this caused the water bodies to warm up and to become more acid. Other consequences such as putting some species in danger, increase the sea level, endangering the coral reef are all caused by greenhouses gases, overfishing and pollution.

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Environment versus population growth Larry West, an author of the website ThoughtCo., wrote an article on the impact of the population on the environment called: “Global Population and the Environment.” He says that some scientists found that population growth is the main cause of climate change and resource extraction. The earth’s population is now around seven and a half billion people and is predicted to be at nine billion by 2050.

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On the 4th of February, Rick Lyman and Kit Giller from The New York Times covered the latest manifestations in Romania that brought the world attention to this subject. Romania, this country from East of Europe, always struggled with corruption problems. Recently, the new government, who has a communist orientation, wanted to decriminalize and protect the ones who corrupted the country. In other worlds, the one in power could steal money from the country and not go to jail when his mandate is over. After this announcement, the population reacted strongly and more than 100,000 Romanian manifested in the square of the capital. Under pressure, the Prime Minister organized a meeting to withdraw this law that they tried to pass without anyone noticing. It was cancelled but it didn’t changed the opinion of the population as a student mentioned, “They lost our trust when they released this emergency ordinance in the night. How do we know it won’t happen again in two weeks, a month? But tonight is a little victory.” This issue, so far from Canada, affects me because my parents left Romania about 20 years old principally because of this huge problem that is corruption and not trustable government. I am here today, with the quality of life that I have because of this issue. I could be one of the students standing tall and fighting for my rights in the manifestations.

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As reported by Amanda Holpuch last July 21st 2016 in the Guardian, another act of racism was made by the police. It is not the first time this last year police officers in America have opened fire on black unarmed men. Charles Kinsey, who is a behavior therapist in a group home was sitting by the street with an autistic patient when a police sped out of no where and brought a gun in their direction. Charles was not armed and his patient had only a toy truck in his hands whicht he therapist repeated multiple time he had to the police while his hands where in the air.

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This article “Michael Brown Shooting: Why Black Americans Believe They're Targeted By Police” talks about a young black teenager who got shot by police in Missouri. Ever since this incident happened African Americans in that area feel like there are tense relations between them and the police. This young boy who was shot while walking in his home town by a white police officer. Not only was this teenager shot but also killed by those gun shots then later on caused a riot in his home town. It was said the officer had no reasons to shoot, that boy was unarmed.

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Along with the progressive forces of feminism, people are more aware about the sexist problem and become rational to the equality of men and women, but even the issue of feminism has been out for over 100 years, a part of men still don’t have a clear understanding about what feminism is and still have a negative attitude about feminist, thinking they are all irrational men hater who wants to take away what men have.

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