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 According to Coughlan (2015), OECD has ranked Australia, Denmark and Greece as the top countries in ‘average daily minutes using internet at school’, and the countries at the bottom of the list include Poland, Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai and, South Korea. It is said that Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden had “significant declines” in reading performance, and Spain, Norway, and Denmark had results that had “stagnated” (Coughlan, 2015).

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These days, many foreign people come to Japan, because they are interested in Japanese culture, studying different languages and so on. In addition, they have part-time job. Convenience store is very common, and recently many foreign part-timers at Japan’s convenience stores are rising. I will write about the reasons why foreign people have part-time job at convenience store and what I think about it.

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Now, the discrimination in Japan exists yet. Actually, 84% disabled people feel they face with discrimination. (Asahi, 2017) We must not discriminate these people. We have to treat all people equally. This time, I want to introduce about discriminations of blind people and the people who use the wheelchair. I want to tell you about current situations of discrimination and how we can solve this problem.

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Currently in Japan, only medical doctors are able to administer tattoos legally (Marsh, J., Ogura, J. & Kobayashi, C., 2017). According to the little-known law, tattooing involves a needle protruding into the skin, which is similar to injections done by nurses or doctors, thus relating tattooing to medical practices. This led to tattoo artists being unable to make a living, or enjoy the freedom of carrying out their profession. What kind of problems are there, precisely? And how are the artists dealing with the issue?

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The atrocious shooting that occur every single year in America and the constant fear of murder in Chicago, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and many more major cities in the United-States propulse the gun control debate at the center of discussions. In what seems to be dividing the political right and left more and more, many call for either less or more guns for reasons of public safety. The Republicans and conservatives argue that more guns would increase the safety of communities whilst liberals and Democrats see less guns and more regulation as a more positive alternative.

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The baseball is liked around the world. Hideki Matsui is one of the most famous, Japanese professional baseball players in the world. He was born in Ishikawa prefecture in 1974. He retired from professional baseball in 2012. Now, he is serving as New York Yankees GM special adviser. He is loved by many people around the world even now. Why do I think like this? This is because he has a great character. Along with this, I will introduce his teams, his records and his baseball life now.

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There are many cool people in Japan. Most of them may be said to be from the entertainment industry. For example, I am sure that people who are familiar with Japan, would definitely have heard of Takuya Kimura, otherwise known as KimuTaku, or the girl idol group called AKB48. Truthfully, I am not much of a fan of such famous celebrities. However, I am a fan of a Japanese writer called Tomihiko Morimi, I definitely think that he is worth mentioning and sharing about. For one, his novels are extremely entertaining, with plenty of adventures to go around for all readers.

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Is there anyone you respect or admire a lot? I think most people have at least one person they respect or admire. A respected person could help us to get the motivation to pursue our dreams. I have one person who I highly respect and I want to recommend him. It is “Isoroku Yamamoto” who is the respectable commander in Japan. His mind and the quotations always help me find some hints about my life. I’m going to write about his life, the reasons why I respect him and one wonderful quotation he left.  

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Many tourists know Tokyo, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Osaka, but many don’t know about the prefectures at the center of Japan. This particular prefecture is called Nagano. I have never been to Nagano, so I want to go there. There are many good sightseeing spots and historical buildings. I will introduce Zenko Temple, Matsumoto Castle, and Nojiri Lake.

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Japan has 47 prefectures and these prefectures have different attractions to visit. Above all, I recommend visiting Kumamoto prefecture now, because the big earth quake have hit there and they received a lot of damages. Now, there, many people are changing the style of their cities and fixing their buildings, so we can see the new styles and feel their passions. Therefore, I will write about the introductions about Kumamoto city.

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While many tourists know all about Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hokkaido, not many people know about the prefectures at the bottom of Japan. No, it is not Okinawa. In fact, the smallest prefecture in Japan is near the bottom of Japan, in an area called Shikoku. This particular prefecture is called Kagawa. I personally have not been to Kagawa, nor passed through it before. However, there are many unique places and things to enjoy there. I will be introducing Kagawa’s signature dish, Sanuki Udon, Ritsurin Koen, Megijima Island, and a shopping arcade in Takamatsu city.  

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