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The title of the article I chose to analyse is “There is a hidden cost to beauty in China: It’s the only major market where companies must test on animals, activists say” and it is written by Liza Lin Bloomberg.  It is basically about the Chinese government who sets as a rule that new beauty products must be tested on animals in order to be sold on the market.  However, companies such as l’Oréal are against animal testing, but they also want to sell their products in China, which creates a dilemma.  The opposing values here are animal rights, which consumers demand animals to be treated lik

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As parents or students we have to choose a school where we want to study and often it is a complicated choice. The main question is: is it better to go to private or to public school? In the article, the author compares school under six categories. One of these categories is enriching course. In private school, they can afford more advanced course or program because they have more resources. Also, private institutions are more selective. Because of these criteria they can reject some students such as students who have lower grade, so they can have smaller classes.

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