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This article written by Melissa Chan on October 3rd 2015 entitled “Mass. high school students suspended over racist texts mocking black class president” is about 6 students from a Massachusetts high school making racial remarks about their newly elected black senior class president. The students used many racial remarks in a group chat referring to the elected president. The students even made a petition on a website to remove him as president, the petition stated, “He shouldn’t be president, impeach him, and imagine him doing your graduation speech”.

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        Colton Valentine published an article in Huffington Post June 9th, 2015, titled, ‘How To Talk To Kids About Racism In America -- With A Picture Book’, which discusses how a picture book brings to attention the idea of racism to young children between the ages of 5 and 8. Gordon Parks: How the Photographer Captured Black and White America, written by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated by Jamey Christoph, follows the life of Gordon Parks as he makes his way through Fort Scott, Kansas,  and to Washington, D.C., to express the idea of oppression in the United States.

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The article entitled “Shocking Video Shows Horrific Racist Tirade Unleashed On Calgary Cab Driver," written by Michelle Butterfield was posted on the Huffington Post on July 21st 2015. The author states that on a November night, in 2013, a Calgary cab driver called Qayyum, a brown skinned men, lifted a white male passenger form downtown Calgary. This men wanted to stop in a fast food restaurant on his way home, however the chit finished in thirteen minutes, so they did not have the time.

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                  In the article “Why Culture, Not Race, Determines Taste in music” written by Winfried Ludemann and published September 3, 2015, the author explains how the culture of an individual is what ultimately determines his or her taste in music. The author starts off by discussing the anthropological meaning of the word race and how it cannot be used to explain different tastes in music. His main argument is that there is only one race when it comes to Homo sapiens; the human race. The article is then divided into two main parts:

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Link to ad: Despite its innocent goal of selling cereal, the ad has much deeper psychological effects on both women and men. The ad's ability to impose gender roles and norms is problematic, as it provokes sexism in society as well as supporting the patriarchal world we live in today.

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