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    SPORTS AND STEREOTYPES   Box, hockey, karate, rugby, football… These are quite violent sports and at the same time they are boys sports and gymnastic, artistic skating and synchronized swimming are girls sports. But these are just stereotypes and it can lead to several problems for athletes of both genders.  What about bullying, discrimination and broken dreams?   Bullying:  

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A lot of injuries happen in sports whether it is a contact sport or a non-contact sport. Head injuries especially, are the most common in sports. The problem is that people around sports do not take care of them properly. Concussion is an important injury that needs to be taking care of adequately and this issue needs a better approach for the majority of people.   Since that issue is everywhere in the sport, people should take care about those traumatism. Head injuries create damage to the brain and can cause deadly consequences if not healed properly.

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Injuries happen in every sport, at every moment. It is nice to see big hits in contact sports but for the players the impact can damage their health. We often hear about torn ligaments in knees or concussion, a torn ligament speaks for itself we all know what it is but a concussion not really. Those two articles talk about those head injuries and define them to make it easy to understand what it really is.  

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With the new rules of the NFL this season on high hits, coaches from around the league are concern that low hits will occur more often and that players are also in danger of career ending injuries with those hits to the legs. Also players do not play like they use to play, in a sense that if a receiver is trying to catch the football and the defensive player can stop him by hitting him in any ways, he can’t because of all the things that goes through his head on whether it’s a legal hit or not. The mentality of players are affected by those rules that are there to protect them.

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During the week 7 of activities in the National Football League, Jermichael Finley took a severe hit to the head after catching the football in the middle of the field at the Lambeau field. The injury resulted to be a spinal contusion and the Packers’ Tight End have been released from the hospital last Thursday. His career was in danger until he was out of the hospital, even if he returns to the field, he would be preferable form him to get a surgery to avoid any further complication.

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Abortion has been a topic that a lot of people have had to take a side on over the years ! Being legal in most states of the United States of America and the Canada, we haven’t really encounter a real problematic but it is still a major debate. Of course both pros and cons have good arguments but, honestly, which is best ?   

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Last week, Aledo High School football team won 91-0 against Fort Worth Western Hills, in Texas. After the game, the parents of one of the player in the losing team filled a bullying complaint. The head coach from the winning team was upset about the game and was thinking of how he could keep themselves from scoring in the third and fourth quarter. On the other side of the ball, the head coach was not expecting much from this game because he knew that they were facing the no.1 team in the league.

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The athletic department from the University of Alabama reported a revenue of $143.4 million for the year 2012-2013. Since their highest rank nationally in the athletic revenue, which was fourth overall in 2009, their revenue increased by 43%. Other universities have high revenues for their athletic department, for instance; Michigan University were at $128.8 million in 2011-2012, Ohio State $142 million and Texas $163.3 million. This was last year but the NCAA is growing and numbers are bigger year after year.

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  Even if we don’t know, big companies used strategies to make you buy their product. This is called marketing. Multinationals are spending billion of dollars on marketing and this is what makes them sell more products. There is two companies in particular that are real leaders in this domain: McDonald and Starbucks

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Players from around the NCAA (football) are starting to put some pressure on the league for having a salary. It is illegal to give any type of monetary advantages to college players. Couple of NFL players were caught being “paid” by sponsors or any other business people. The NCAA rules that a collegiate athlete do no need more than $2 500 to live a good college life.

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The complete Union High School football team was suspended from all football related activity on Friday. The suspension is due to cyber bullying. The team’s head coach, Matt Labrum found out that couple of his players were bullying another student through a social media. The website,, is a page where you can block your identity by using a username, but the coach did not manage to find who were bullying but it surely was one of the football player.

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Sleeping is hard for a lot of us. Even if we go to bed it doesn’t mean that you’re sleeping. A study has been published in Journal of Applied Social Psychology who shows that we can improve our brain to sleep by reading some keywords. “Calm”, “relax”, “cozy” those are words that improves our sleeping because it activates our goal-minded process. Those words are supposed to help us to realize that we are tired and that we should go to bed. The only thing you have to do, is to read these relaxing words, an hour before going to bed.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not be wearing their throwback uniforms on September 29, due to a health and safety rule from the National Football League. According to that particular rule, teams cannot have two sets of helmet for the players to wear. During the past of season, the NFL approved a recommendation from their Health and Safety committee forbidding players to have more than one helmet during a season.

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Around the National Football League there is a lot of hits considered dangerous, for instance helmet-to-helmet hits are banned from the game. Players who will do those kind of hit will be penalize on and off the field. A couple of them happened in the second week of the NFL’s regular season, Washington safety gave a blow to his opponent’s head (Green Bay Packers’ ball carrier) and another one in the game at New Orleans, where a Tampa Bay player hit a defenseless player. Dashon Goldson, Buccaneers safety, was suspended for a whole week of activity until today, September 18, 2013.

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Former player Kevin Kwasny sue Bishop’s University on a decision that his coaches took on sending him on the field during the same game he suffered a concussion. Two years after his injury, the former football player is still in rehab for his mobility and strength. Kwasny sue the university for not less than 7 million dollars. Some People may say it is inappropriate to sue the school for that amount of money but it is really not that big compared to what he has to live with for the rest of his life.

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During the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions a low block was made during the game. Sure the action does not sound that big of a deal but in fact it is. After an interception followed by a touchdown from one of his teammate DeAndre Leavy, Ndmaukong Suh blocked a lineman from the other team in the knees*. The touchdown was nullified after a flag was thrown towards Suh for a personal foul illegal block that cost his team 15 yards a part of the call back on the touchdown. Not only the play cost him 15 yards but also $100 000.

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We notice more and more Apple products in our lives. Our friends and family are mostly turning these products for their ease of use and their instinctive navigation. The massive turn to Apple product could hurt others technology companies like Microsoft.  

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The article which I will talk about it’s very interesting in terms of the sports world. This news is kind of shocking for me because he’s someone who has made a really huge impact in tracking.  

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Former Florida Gators Quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, was released from the New England Patriots last week. After failing to impress the coaching staff has a back up to Tom Brady, Tim Tebow had to leave his teammates. During the NFL preseason activities, the 26 years old did not have impressing numbers with 11 completed passes in 36 thrown and 2 interceptions in 3 games. Tebow’s dream to becoming a NFL starting quarterback is starting to disappear.  

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Rookie John Boyett, a former all American safety in college, was arrested for public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement Monday. He was denied the entry in a local bar, in Indianapolis, because he was too intoxicated. The sixth rounder from university of Oregon then refused to leave the place but did a couple of minutes after the security called the police. Boyett did came back to the same bar, and then told the cops that they could not arrest him because he was a Colt’s player and also that he would break the jaw of an officer.  

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Some new information on the case of Aaron Hernandez. Former New England Patriot tight end, was arrested on June 26 at his house for the murder of former semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. The New England Patriots took his jersey of the market and refund or exchange the product for all the customer who bought the number 81. His character was also deleted in video games for instance, NCAA 14 or Madden 25.  

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In the past couple of months or years, the National Football League has changed some rules towards hit to the head or neck on a defenseless player. Some people may think it takes all of the hitting concept out of the sport but technically it's only a preventive law for player's safety. Not only that they changed the rules on those kind of hit but players who keep doing those cheap shots are penalized whether it's on or off the field, for instance they get a 15 yards penalty during the game but they also may have to pay certain amount of money to be able to play the next week or so.

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