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Why is it that men are expected and taught from early ages not to show any emotion? If he is sad, suck it up, if he is in love, it's probably with his brain down south and not his actually heart and feelings because that's "so gay" and guys are not supposed to fall for a girl they're supposed to "smash her" and make his buddies proud, he has to pretty much be a brick wall. Yet, women, generally speaking, always say they like a man who shows emotion and shows what he truly feels and wants and will cry in front of us when something’s bothering him.

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The article “Torrence Collier, 11, says he faces racism, extreme bullying in Westport, Boy who is only black child in town uses separate washroom, under constant supervision while at school” written by CBC News on June 11 2014 explains that racism and bullying due to the color of your skin is still in strong force today. The article involves a young 11 year old boy who lives in a town with a population of 200 where he is the only African American civilian; he is repeatedly bullied at school.

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This article, “Pakistan accuses US of sabotaging peace talks by killing domestic Taliban leader”, from Washington Post (LINK:, is about how Pakistani government is extremely angry about how America had killed their

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In the article Drug Wars Push Deeper into Central America (, written by Randal C. Archibold and Damien Cave.

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Dating today has a totally different meaning today than it did 15 years ago. People don’t look for long term partners, or for their future, but for the now. This generation is all about having immediate gratification, not long-term pleasure

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In the article Gays in Russia Find No Haven, Despite Support From The West ( written by David M. Herszenhorn, homosexuality is not only against the law in Russia, but has Russians getting harassed and abused publically.

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     In the article A Call for Aid, Not Laws, to Help Women in Italy , Published in New York Times on August 18, 2013, it is stated that Prime Minister Enrico Letta wants to make tougher laws in order to reduce domestic violence and the killing of women.

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