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Mon 2015-11-02 9:22 PM

844 | 2 | 0   The article “Hazing, #piggate and other secret rites: the psychology of extreme group rituals” deconstructs the psychology behind male group initiation rituals, mostly focusing on those practiced at prestigious British and American universities.

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In the article “His Name Is Cayden: Online Racists Taunt 3-Year-Old, Get Shut Down” by Ed Mazza for the Huffington Post, the author describes an event wherein a man named Gerard Roth posted a picture of himself and a young boy (named Cayden) onto Facebook in May of 2015. Being that Roth is white and Cayden is black, and since Cayden was looking a bit sheepish in the photograph, the post received several ‘jokingly’ racist comments, including references to slavery. The author then explains the shock of both Roth and the child’s mother, Sydney Jade, at the racist comments.

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White Privilege: A Diagnosis or a Cure?

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The article entitled “When dating, stick to your own race” by Geraldine Estevez, is an intriguing opinion based text found on Huffington’s blog website (06/01/15). Throughout the piece, the author emphasizes how when dating, although choosing someone of the same race is the easiest solution, since you already have many elements in common, it is not always the right choice. She states that sometimes to find love you must look outside your horizon, thus be open to anyone.

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