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  Comparing the two leading phones on the market, which one comes out with victory? Whether its purchases, application, sufficient and simply better. In this essay I will write about the phones and the value and function of the phone. Why people want the phone and why they are in demand compared to other phones. It will include who as the population has these phones and why. In the end I will introduce the key question again and answer with the following facts that I can provide with the information that I have found.

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 In the next 5o years, there will be no more fuel in the world if we continue consuming energy like we do presently. One effect of this over consummation is global warming. Even though citizens and governments are aware of these issues, we do not see how critical the situation is and how fossil fuel devastate the environment.              Fossil fuel damage the environment and the society.  :  Thousands of risks and spills  

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Gas, ethanol, petrol, Diesel, are all different kind of fuel that can be put into our cars, but what is the difference between them? One major difference that ethanol has, is that it is based on corn and other material that sugar can be taken out of. Its particularity is that scientist can almost find cellulosic ethanol in every material. The mainly ingredients to create ethanol is the fermentation of sugar. Basically, the creation of ethanol can be based on wood or even “chips of wood” (Kevin, Bullis, p1).

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Looking to take action to help decrease global warming? I have something that might interest you! Since the beginning of the 1900’s, Scientifics have been searching for ways to decrease global warming but throughout our everyday life. 4 very simple ways have been retained from those researches.    

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Posted on august 2013, the journalist Don Pittis, informs Canadians about the new project that the government is proposing to the society:  a pipeline that would pump more than “one million barrels a day” ( ). These estimations are tremendous!

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The tragedy of the Gulf of Mexico happened in 2010 and even this years, we can still hear the consequences of this enormous oil spill. Since the project of clearing the water is not done yet, there is still thousands of fish and sea animals that are dying on the coast of the Gulf.

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Take a breath. Then take another one… This second breath that you just got was given to you by the ocean. It creates fresh air, creates life, and creates opportunities, recreational activities and more. Humans are destroying this beautiful habitat.  

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Solar energy is one of the basic energy of life. We all take energy from the sun (plants, humans, animals) and we cannot live without any sun-rays on earth. We also know that solar energy is a source of safe energy. So, why do we not try to take advantage of it by using solar electric panels?

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We all hear that glaciers are melting and that they are increasing the volume of water in our seas. But we never hear the statistics and how much ice there is left on earth. We only know that if we do not stop polluting, we will be completely immerged by water and that many islands are going to disappear from the map.

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A study has proven that the more an individual sleeps, the better they take in information during their learning and the more they are capable of remembering what they had just previously learned. However for this to function, not only does the individual need to sleep over-night, but they must take naps as well.

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Late on Tuesday, Pakistan got an earthquake of magnitude 7.7. The report tells an outrageous number of more than 200 deaths. The news, CNN, the Gazette, the National Post, are talking about the new island as a very unusual effect of the earthquake. Although,  some experts believe that the earthquake was strong enough to create a new soil.

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We all know that the best way to go in Montreal is to take the metro and the bus. The constant increasing population have taken the streets and we can hardly pass quickly in Montreal during traffic hours. The picture above is a picture taken during the day at the Pont Champlain, in entrance to Montreal.  We can clearly notice that traffic is now an issue in our daily world.

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  Compost is a more common lifestyle than it was at the beginning. It’s appreciated because it’s a little action, which is helpful for the environment. We are just changing the garbage where we use to put our aliments. After that, it’s easy to maintain and not really demanding. We should do compost because, as we can see in the article,  it has many benefits.  

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Recently, the market and the population has never been asking from fresh food like it never happened. Restaurants wants to have fresh food and they are taking it from urban farmers.

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Teenagers are listening to music that preach or tell their opinion about some causes. Like the well-known artist Macklemore, this new artist brought a new approach on homosexuality. In his new single with Ryan Lewis, talks about conservative thought that Americans believe about love between two women or men.

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This article it is at the moment one of the hottest topic because this might bring a lot of changes. Many people thinks that if the Charter of values is accepted, Quebec would no longer grant freedom to their people. In this article, it talks about how the Charter of values has shocked the people with religious beliefs. It heated up when many accident happened in public areas. People where harassing people who were wearing hijab (which is a thing that covers your hairs that Islamic women tends to wear).

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Politicians have been talking about other Politian group since forever. They always try to tear down their opposition. But as a matter of fact, we never hear them talking about their own projects and point of view about critical subject.

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Apple has announced Tuesday that the next iPhone will be available in a lot of colors but the most incredible thing on this new version is the introduction of the fingerprint scanner, called Touch ID. You will now have to scan your finger to unlock it and also to see if you’re the real owner of the phone.

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    In Quebec, it is not rare to hear about puppy mill owners’ questionable treatment of their husbandry. In the article, the SPCA reporter talks about the poor conditions dogs were found in.

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  Cameras everywhere, even at your work or when you are walking down the street. Spying has now become normal. Knowing that some of your friends are at the restaurant and seeing pictures of their common life is now natural for us. However, 10 years ago it was not. People were having real conversations and had to learn about other’s life by themselves instead of sharing a post or pictures. In fact, now that people can know every single thing you do, keeping a private life has become more difficult over the years.

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This article demonstrates that the media has  convinced some people from believing that beauty stands upon appearances. This subject is an important issue because it implies that not only teenagers, but adults might be facing this media standard of beauty.  An ethical issue is raised, should beauty be based on appearances?

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50 years earlier, thousands of people where in Washington to listen to the speech of Martin Luther King. Since that year, the segregation has been completely removed and is now illegal. Washrooms for black and white, places in the bus, no voting right , those things are now normal and accept like many others. The steps that the United States did by electing a black president is incredible.

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Newspapers, TV News, blogs, Facebook, Twitter are all talking about these tragic incidents in Syria. Some are posting videos, other articles about the horrible and undeniable fact that the population have been intoxicated by chemical gases. But, first of all, are we really sure that it was an attack? And if yes, than, why?

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Going to grocery store while you’re hungry isn’t a good idea, everything seems to be better. In our society, the alimentation is now the target of marketing. The sizes, the colors everything is changed to make you buy a lot of food and have what it's called a food addiction.

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