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Achieving a health conscious diet has been increasingly popular over the last decade. People have been more critical of what foods they have been eating. A substantial amount of companies have been promoting their products to be healthy and high in nutrients and vitamins. They are defining their products as “all natural”; when in reality the ingredients in these products do not make an appropriate fit for their definition.  This was the case for Kashi, a company (owned by Kellogg’s) that is branded as “healthy” which sells cereals, granola bars and crackers.

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This article is about women wanting more rights in Saudi Arabia. It is about women activists who want to change the male absolute authority over women. There is a strict interpretation of the Islamic law in Saudi. It forbids women to work or travel without consent from their male guardians. It is the only country where women are not able to drive. Women have very few rights and cannot get an identification card without her guardian’s permission. They also need permission to get certain surgeries and to leave campus.

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In the article “Abortion access varies widely across Canada” by Leslie Young, posted on Global News on November 26th, 2014, it discusses how the amount of abortion services across Canada range per province. Young starts by explaining that Brian Gallant, the premier of the province of New Brunswick, announced to the public that he wishes to give the women of his province seeking abortion greater access. According to Dr.

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Women have come a long way since the feminist movement and active changes towards women’s rights have been implemented.  One can argue that women in Western societies are relatively equal and hold similar status to men. Although, once thoroughly examined, this does not seem to be the case with gender and the workplace. Women make a very small proportion of CEOs in corporations. Every year, Fortune Magazine lists the top 500 American companies that are chosen based on gross revenue. With this being said, out of the 500 companies, 5.2% of the CEOs are women (Martinez).

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