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Personality traits: good at speaking publicly, very helpful and I am confident about my knowledge.
Skills: Good communication skills, very patient and very thorough.
Interests: Baseball, video games and Formula 1.

I think that the news has a problem with how they transmit politics. They also seem to have trouble with falsely representing something or someone in a certain way that is completely not how they should be represented. Finally, I think that the news has some problems with fact checking their information.

My ideal way to attack a problem in the world would be to start off solo to get as much information about it as I can, and then I would look to other people for help or for verification to see if there is another side to the coin that I have not looked at.


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Throughout the semester, I have been working on recapping news articles that have been talking about natural disasters that have been happening in North America. More specifically, I have been talking about flooding’s in Canada. This research paper will attempt to figure out what can cause these major flooding’s because, in Canada, flooding’s are the number 1 natural disaster and it is needed for us to know what can cause this so we can attempt to find solutions to prevent these from happening.

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the goal of my article was to find out the leading causes of the stock market crash, the current state of the economy and how it can be prevented aagain. I began by talking about the deregulation of the market starting in 1980 which facilitated the practices that caused the crash. Then I explained the extreme market competition at the time and the different financial instruments used to increase profit by increasing the risk banks took.

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When a flood happens today, a huge monetary cost is involved and insurance claims are usually demanded by the victims so they can start rebuilding what was lost. However, a lot of times, the government response to those insurance claims can be very long and that is a problem. On October 23rd, 2017, CBC News published an article written by Sabrina Marandola talking about a Laval woman that has been waiting since last spring to get her response from the government about her insurance claim.

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Heavy rainfall is coming down very rapidly on the West of Canada right now and it is causing major flooding. On October 18, an article published by Global News and written by Sean Boyton talks about the heavy rainfall in Metro Vancouver which is causing floods in the streets and trees are being knock down due to the heavy winds that came with the rain. The article specifies that about a half of a centimeter of rain fell around the region of Vancouver.

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The red cross is an organization where their mission is “to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world”. If you are interested in volunteering with the Red Cross you will to follow this link : and fill out a form so they can give you more information about volunteering opportunities.

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On September 12th 2017, the Globe and Mail uploaded an article by the Canadian press about the new measures that Quebec has implemented to help the victims of the west Island floods that happened last spring. If you are looking to help the victims of this tragedy, here is a non-profit organization you can reach out to. It is called the West Island Mission.

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The west Island floods that hit last spring are still affecting the victims to this day. An article published on October 7th by CTV news talks about how experts from around the world were meeting together to talk about the flooding while the victims of the flooding are still mad at the government for their intervention. Looking at this disaster, I have found a non-profit organization that can help the victim or the area. It is called the West Island Assistance Fund.

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With all the seemingly apocalyptic natural disasters occurring everyday around the world, we sometimes forget to look in our own backyard – even when, in the case of the BC wildfires, nearly 400,000 hectares of our backyard has been destroyed as of August 16th, 2017. Fires have raged throughout the province and surrounding areas since March and have put infrastructure and human life at risk, as well as consumed vast quantities of natural resources we as a country depend on.  

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I must say living in this century is coming out very difficult in many ways. Especially, to the most outspoken of us, the ones that try to make their best to express not only their beliefs but also to give us ,the population, the right to evaluate situations by having almost all the facts possible to be given. Yes, the journalists. Who are being mistreated all around the world in this right instant.  

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        On August 22, 2017, Robert Muggah and Juan Carlos Garzón wrote an article, What it will take to stem the violence in Latin America, in the Los Angeles Times about the violence in Latin America. They talk about the violence in many cities of Latin America which makes the citizens feel unsafe most of the time.

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On August 31st 2017, uploaded an article by Thomson Reuters that talks about the recovery of 20 Rohingya women and children bodies from the Naf River in Myanmar. These people were attempting to flee Myanmar for Bangladesh until their boat capsized in the river and sadly, 20 people drowned from this event.

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As one of the strongest hurricanes since 2007 approached the Caribbean islands of Haiti and Jamaica, Hurricane Matthew caused chaos and destruction on the civilians living there.

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Personality traits: good at speaking publicly, very helpful and I am confident about my knowledge.
Skills: Good communication skills, very patient and very thorough.
Interests: Baseball, video games and Formula 1.

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