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The situation between Pakistan and India can be compared to the one between Quebec and Canada. The Muslims and Hindus caused a lot of violence within India because of conflicting ideas. Therefore, the mainly Muslim parts of India were made into Pakistan. Here, the Muslims could be compared to the French Canadians who want to be separated from Canada. Although the parting of Quebec from its country sounds like a good idea to some, it would not be required as it was for the Muslims and Hindus.

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Colonialism has been a very bad thing for both India and Quebec. The British used it's colonies to power its strong industrial economy, in sum it means they sucked their colonies dry of resources and then transformed them in England only to sell them back to colonies at a high price. Gandhi pointed out that at first the Indian didn’t mind having the English to trade with, the same as the French Canadian were happy to trade with English merchant. For example Indian traded cotton for English made things and Canadian traded fur for other goods, the deal was pretty good.

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When India was fighting for its independence Mohandas K. Ghandi was seen as the Indian pacifist leader when Muhammed Ali Jinnah was the Muslim leader. The two leaders were fighting for the building of a nation one using the strength of the group, involving also common people to be part of the nation. The other leader was putting the religion and the differences between people and their rites as his main arguments to separate the nation. Meanwhile in Canada there seems to be the same kind of distortion between Quebec and Canada.

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Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having different religions in society?  

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