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With the advancement of technology and the use made of it, more precisely social network, chip and security camera, there is a lack and loss of human privacy. It is important to have concern about this issue because privacy is basically what we need to protect our financial, social and intellectual lives.

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The influence of corporations through different medium is bad for the society.   1.     Companies have bad effects on us monetarily ·      They try to make us buy their product and they make us think that we need their product. This has a negative impact because we spend our money unnecessarily. ·      They implant in us the idea that the profit is the priority in life; that we need to have a lot of money and products to be happy.   2.     Corporations have negative impact on a psychological way

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  Many North Americans think they are the center of the world and that everybody wants to be like them. They think that their lifestyle is the best due to the high quality of life; but is it true? Is people in poorer country really wants this? I will discuss about it through 2 articles I found.  

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    Since I am a student in commerce at Champlain College, I have some interests in business and marketing. I think strategies to make more money are really interesting and I wanted to know more about this topic. Having good marketing strategies is a priority and it can be useful to know about these. I found two articles that was talking about marketing, more precisely about innovation in a company and about technology. There are many other domain but these are the two I will cover.  

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  Technology has changed politics a lot. Instead of using telegraph and real life interview, politicians tend to use some other ways to propagate their ideas. These new methods are often related to media like television and Internet. In our own “very democratic” Canada, our prime minister is using these one and tries to go further: have to control over CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). It reminds me some totalitarian regimes who controls the media…  

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  Music industry had grown a lot these last years. The arrival of new music devices and portable music changed the whole music experience. Another thing that affected this industry is without a doubt: digital music. We can now buy individual songs online put them on a virtual library and add it directly on our device. ITunes, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Naptser and Rhapsody are the most well-known digital music store but a newcomer is will take a share of the market…YouTube.  

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  Big companies have a lot of effects on us. They can control what we think about a subject using media or their product. In some cases, it is totally the opposite that happens. People can also affect companies and decide their destiny.  

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  One of the most annoying things when listening music is a earphone themselves. Either they are cheap and don’t have a good sound quality or they are expensive by they break easily because of an incident (you walk on them for example). As big listener of music I get really frustrated when they randomly stop working and I have to pay another 50 bucks to listen quality music.  

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  In the capitalist world that we live in, tuition fees are getting higher and higher. Some people cannot afford to go to university. Some charges can go up to 100 000 per year… A new phenomenon appeared not so long ago: firms are spotting the good students and are helping them monetarily and paying their education.

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  The biggest building and the icon of the United States is without a doubt the Empire State Building. It represents the whole country and is a monument of pride for all Americans. What bout selling it? This is actually what is going to happen this Wednesday.  The Empire State Building will be sold over the New York Stock Exchange for only 13$. They raised over 900 million dollar selling the initial shares. The prediction for these shares look even more promising that they actually are

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  Even if we don’t know, big companies used strategies to make you buy their product. This is called marketing. Multinationals are spending billion of dollars on marketing and this is what makes them sell more products. There is two companies in particular that are real leaders in this domain: McDonald and Starbucks

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  Here in Quebec, we are very lucky because of all the electricity we got and the low cost of it. Perhaps in some countries, kids have to do their homework under streetlights. Bill Gates showed this is the presentation of his new project related to energy. He thought that electricity is what we need to globalize to reduce poverty.

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The new GTA 5 has been the hottest topic of gaming these days. I mean literally everyone is talking about this game. The company Rockstar has made over 1 billion dollar in just three days which makes the fastest sell of games of all time. The fact that this article shows us how in our society is all about making profits.    

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  Soon, iPhone 5c and 5s will be released. This will create a real change in the world of cellphones and technology. It will also affect the protection case industry that will be able to make billions of dollars by protecting phones. Apple took that opportunity and decided to make their own official cases.  

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  Fighting Machines   On the November 19 in 2010 an American idol was wearing a white and black striped suit: Michael Vick was going to jail for 23 months. He was found guilty for dogfighting conspiracy. After this incident, the American people opened their eyes and became aware of this problem that was bigger than they thought.  

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  Newtown, Connecticut. Aurora, Colorado. These two towns have a common link: they have been victims of innocent people mass shootings. One have been in an elementary school and the other one in a theater making a lot of death and a lot of tears for the entire world. The weapon of the crime: guns.

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  The hot topic of the moment, on the international scene is without any doubts the Syria crisis. In summary, there is a civil war in Syria and the government in place has gazed some rebels and some innocent people. There is a big fight about whether we should interfere in the fight or not because of this horrible war crime. Those who wants war say that chemical weapons are totally forbidden and the other ones say that this is their war…not ours

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    As humans being, we have to admit that we are not living in an equal world. Some people have a lot more power and abuse of it and this is exactly what the government of China did to one of its party official Yu Qiyi. I was interested in this article because I just can’t believe this terrible story and how people have surplus of power.

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  Technology has contributed a lot in certain sports. We can now time runners in the competition and we can also review some play in hockey to know if a goal is legal or shall be dropped. In football though coaches can obtain tapes of other team practicing so they can adapt their plays. I started playing football last year and I understood this sport wasn’t only about individual skills but about team strategy. This article, about how to obtain information in football, pickled my curiosity.

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  Nowadays, everybody knows about the giant of Internet: Facebook. It’s a tool that allows you to share pictures and to chat with people online. You may think your Facebook account is very private and safe because you changed your security settings to the maximum. In fact, you are not protected from all sorts of intrusion… police and governments can actually have access to your informations even if they are categorized as private.

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A new incredible discovery just came out: the NASA’s moon mineralogy mapper (M3) just found water on the moon! This is a huge breakthrough in space science because we always thought that the moon was dry. It could be the beginning of a series of discoveries about life in space.

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Jean-Simon B. , Groupe 1030 CEM

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Since the 1970’s, fast-food restaurants have become the new way to eat. In our busy, New York minute lifestyle,  people do not have time to cook themselves a good meal, sit down at dinner with their family, or go to a good quality restaurant. So, people rely on fast food places for a quick meal. Most Americans that eat at these fast-food places though cannot help it. Whether it be because they are too busy at work, too poor to have a genuine family meal every night or because a mother of three cannot find the time to cook for her kids, people just don’t have the time to eat a healthy meal.

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