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Remember the movie Limitless? What if the pills really worked? In my opinion, I remember ``Limitless`` starring Bradley Cooper because I really loved it. The whole movie revolves around a small pill that you take and lets you use 100% of your brain, therefore becoming very intelligent. But this is only a movie; it doesn’t exist in real life. Wait, does it? In fact, private surveys showed that many students in universities across North America use ‘’smart drugs’’ to enhance their studying abilities and therefore, their grades.

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The advances in technology have made possible impressive things during the last century. The article "Making Babies after Death: It’s Possible, but Is It Ethical?" by Bahar Gholipour testifies of the well-known technology that allows doctors to sample sperm from a death man. That action is called postmortem sperm retrieval (PMR). The sperm of the dead can then be used to fertilize a woman’s egg. I found interest in that article because I have always wanted at least three kids. Raising my family will be one of the most important project of my life.

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Plagiarism is a heavy issue in education nowadays. With the expansion of technology and the Internet, stealing ideas or getting content from someone else have become quite easy. Some programs, such as, are taking advantage of technology too, with their goal being to fight plagiarism. Basically, pretty much everyone would agree that using someone else's work to get credit is wrong. That being said, is it wrong to plagiarize your own work? I think most students, including myself, once had the opportunity to use the same essay/work for two different courses.

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