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It is said that humankind’s population will increase by 2 billion, which will require us to increase our actual production of food by 50% to 70% to feed everyone on the planet. With that said, we must consider that south America is one of the most resourceful areas on the planet, offering agriculture, meat production, water and forests for the world to trade with. Yet, climatologist claim that due to the upcoming waves of climate changes in south America, 90% of the land will be affected and have possibilities of drought.

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The article “Effects of Global Warming” by Alina Bradford and Stephanie Pappas inform us about the different effects that climate change has on our planet. According to the article, the main cause of the heating of the Earth surface, atmosphere and ocean is human activity especially the burning of fossils fuels. Indeed, the article claims that more than  197 international scientific organizations affirm that global warming has been caused by human activity.

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In the article ‟Humans causing catastrophic ecosystems shifts, study finds”, the author, Thomson Reuters, discusses that human dominance over the natural environment has caused many changes in world ecosystems. Human activities have a devastating impact on ecosystems. As the author mentioned, the damage and exploitation of wildlife and natural vegetation by human beings has left ecosystems in bad shape. Unfortunately, at least 468 creatures have been eliminated from the planet since 1990, including the Costa Rican golden and Yangtze.

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The article “Human Activities that Affect the Ecosystem” by David Weedmark has for purpose to inform us how human activities affect the ecosystem being the water, the air, the land and the life that we share the world with. According to the article, there are few causes that explain how human activities is destroying the ecosystem. The first one that Weedmark mentions is pollutions. He claims that humans are dumping more than 8 million tons of that plastic into the oceans. In consequences,  wildlife in the sea is deeply affected.

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Environment versus population growth Larry West, an author of the website ThoughtCo., wrote an article on the impact of the population on the environment called: “Global Population and the Environment.” He says that some scientists found that population growth is the main cause of climate change and resource extraction. The earth’s population is now around seven and a half billion people and is predicted to be at nine billion by 2050.

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The article “How Many People is Too Many People?” by Hannah Gais inform us about the danger of outstripping resources with our growing population and gives solutions to prevent this problem. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the main cause of resources depletion is the outgoing expansion of the population. Consequently, since the world population is estimated to be 11 billion at the end of the century according to United Nations, Natural resources will be insufficient for the number of people living.

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